Day 5 Giveaway

The winner from yesterday’s Day 4 Giveaway is Kara R.! Congratulations!

Please contact Charlene at to claim your prize.


Today’s giveaway sponsored by RG Natural Babies! Enter through the Rafflecopter widget below.

Today's giveaway sponsored by RG Natural Babies!

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Located in Southeast Wisconsin, RN Natural Babies is a one stop shop for all your baby needs! From Cloth Diapers to Diaper Bags, Baby Carriers to Nursing supplies for mom, we can satisfy all of your baby and mom needs! We also carry several organic cotton toys and wooden toddler toys.

Today’s lucky winner will get one Tiny Tush Elite Mini pocket diaper of their choice.  Finally a newborn diaper that fits babies 4-15 lbs. Winner to be announced tomorrow morning on our next giveaway blog post!
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21 comments on “Day 5 Giveaway
  1. Debnmike moretti says:

    I would tell them they would neveer regret their decision. They will save money, help the environment, and keep their baby healthy. Plus the cuteness factor is off the charts!!!

  2. Olivia L says:

    I’d reassure them it’s not that different from disposables (depending on the type of diaper), and it’s so much cheaper than disposables that they could get a diaper service even!

  3. Angela Heffner says:

    It’s really not as daunting as it seems, and it is actually fun! I enjoy it!

  4. Amy J says:

    It is easier than you think and worth at least trying! you will not be sorry!

  5. Katie L says:

    There is a diaper for everyone so many different options that you can find the right one for you

  6. Amy Miller says:

    It is so much easier than it seems!

  7. Julia M. says:

    I would tell them how much money it saves and that flushable liners make it easy!

  8. hollie n. says:

    i would bring over samples of all my stash and show them the different brands and types. (i wish i could have done that) then i would lend or tell them to buy just 2 or 3 diapers and use them part time to try it out before going all in.

  9. Carrie C says:

    I would tell them that it really isn’t as bad as they might think. Then I would do what my friend did for me. She let me borrow and try some of her diapers before I bought any. This was so helpful – it really let me know that cloth diapering was something that I wanted and could do.

  10. Ashley says:

    It’s not as hard, confusing, or as gross as you might think. It’s actually just as easy and just as clean as using disposables. You don’t get a stinky trash can either, and you save a fortune!!!! Plus, there is less diaper rash with cloth. the list goes on and on. I would be happy to show you how to do it if you want. (I have said these exact words to a couple people already)

  11. Jenna Burris says:

    If you don’t like it you can always resell your dipped and get some of your money back. So you won’t be wasting any $. Can’t hurt to try

  12. Jenny W says:

    I tell them it’s really not different from using sposies. And then I convince them of how much money they’ll save haha

  13. bonnye sensenig says:

    I would tell them I was nervous too- but once I jumped in- I never looked back. The “extra” laundry really isn’t as much as you imagine- and I find i really like doing diaper laundry! plus- the money savings feels so good – I always felt like I was saving money with every load of diapers washed.

  14. Dorsha says:

    I would tell them that I was apprihensive about how hard it would be, the up keep, the cleaning, the poop. But I couldn’t imagine going back to sposies. Cloth is much easier than I thought it would be. And I don’t do the diaper services, but heck they even have that now. And they are so cute. And no chemicals!!

  15. kari meeker says:

    i tell them it’s not an organ-donating decision. there are SO many types of diapers they’re sure to find one that works for their lifestyle and any others they can simply resell (and someone WILL buy them!). Not to mention changing a diaper might as well be a little bit fun and the laundry is nothing in the scheme of things!

  16. Tara says:

    Just dive in! Do a trial so you can experience all the different types then throw away the sposies and let thefun begin!

  17. stacy hancock says:

    id tell them sometimes we go to sposies for some reason(travel or whatever) and we are always relieved to go back to cloth!

  18. Erin B. says:

    There are many diapers out there. You can find the perfect one for your child and you will see that it’s not hard at all. You just wash them instead of tossing them.

  19. christine k says:

    It’s a lot easier than it seems… especially with a diaper sprayer!

  20. Karie P says:

    I tell them that the CD of today are nothing like the plastic pants and pins our parents had to work with. Other then the washing they are NO MORE work, and on the plus side they are cheaper, cuter, and much better for the environment. Then I offer to share a few of mine so they can try them for a week. 🙂

  21. Raquel Beaty says:

    There are so many types of diapers, and some of them are almost exactly like disposables, except you wash them! It is easier than it looks!