How The Journey Started

How Our Tiny Tush Journey Started

Tiny Tush was born at our home in Baraboo, Wisconsin. And it started with a simple need, and a passion to find the best solution.

We have five kids – yes five! – ranging in age from 24 to our youngest who is 9 years old. When my kids were younger, I used cloth diapers with my kids and was less-than-happy with the products I found on the market. So I ultimately decided to create cloth diapers – the way I thought they should be designed and manufactured. And that’s how Tiny Tush came to be, back in 2000.

We started the business right in our house, starting very small, working our way up to where we are today (growing, growing!). And as you will learn later, everyone has a role and a part in making Tiny Tush what it is.

And Tiny Tush’s hub is centered on our farm….and the farm is a central piece of the Tiny Tush. This is the next part of our story.

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