Diaper Service Quality Chinese Prefolds are the most economical way to cloth diaper your baby. If you are looking for the most economical way to diaper your baby (or just want the most time-tested method) consider Prefolds.


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Chinese Prefolds Diapers ALL Size $24.95 Per Dozen

Diaper Service Quality Chinese Prefolds are the most economical way to cloth diaper your baby. If you are looking for the most economical way to diaper your baby (or just want the most time-tested method) consider Prefolds. Unlike the kind you will find at a discount store, the high-quality Prefolds sold in our natural baby boutique are made to withstand hundreds of washings. They begin as rectangular-shaped diapers that are divided into three sections. The outer sections usually have a thickness of four layers. To provide absorbency where it's needed, the center section has six or eight layers. The layers are defined on the prefold packaging as 4-6-4 (four outer layers and six center layers) or 4-8-4 (four outer layers and eight center layers). To use Prefolds, simply fold and secure with diaper fasteners or secure with a quality diaper cover. For step-by-step illustrations of folding techniques, click here.

Our Diaper Service Quality Chinese prefold cloth diapers are real Diaper Service Quality cloth diapers, yet thicker and more absorbent. The 100% cotton twill makes this an extremely soft and durable cloth diaper that can withstand industrial washings. It is normal for Prefolds to shrink 15-20% after washing causing the diapers to fluff up giving them a quilted appears which makes these diapers very soft and absorbent..

With modern diaper covers, you don't even need to use a cloth diaper fastener. Simply fold your Chinese prefold cloth diapers into thirds, placing them inside a diaper cover. Close the snug fitting Velcro-type closure, making sure that all of the cloth diaper is inside of the cover. It's that easy!

  • Both 4x8x4 and 4x6x4 diaper service quality Chinese prefolds
  • Thick and absorbent
  • 100% cotton twill
  • Extremely soft and durable
  • Can withstand industrial washings

For a cloth diaper fastener-free system we highly recommend using snug fitting diaper covers.


Package of 12 Weight Lbs Price Dimensions Stitch
White Infant Regular
6-15 $21.95 12"x 16" White
White Infant Premium
6-15 $21.95 12"x 16" Dk Green
Unbleached Regular
15-30 $21.95 14.5x21 Natural
White Regular
15-30 $21.95 14.5x21 White
Unbleached Premium
15-30 $21.95 14.5"x22" Natural
White Premium
15-30 $21.95 14.5"x22" Dk Blue


We Recommend For Chinese Prefold Diapers

Using a cloth diaper-fastener, such as; Dritz Heavy Duty Diaper Pins with Baby Safe Locking Heads, will allow you to use any diaper covers such as our wool diaper covers.






  • Tiny Tush Tiny Tush


I bought these diapers to embroidery on for burp cloth. They stitch out wonderfully. Great weave to fabric. Even a little longer than the Gerber diapers I had been buying. Will definitely get again.


so excited to finally find 100% cloth, pre-fold diapers! I am going to use these to make burps cloths for our grandbaby girl due in January 2013...I know her mommy will be excited :-)


Love them! They wash great and don't retain any smells. So easy to use!


I originally bought white infant premiums from a local shop. They fluffed great in the wash and I loved them after using them. They are so absorbent and don't require all the special treatment that synthetic diapers do. They are great overnight diapers(8+ hours!). I recently ordered a dozen white premium from the website...now we should be set until potty training!


I have been using the Infant Premiums on my son since he was about 3 weeks old. They are soft and absorbent. They are also a great price! I would recommend these first to anyone shopping for prefolds.


These prefolds are great. They are durable, have a great soak factor, and fit our baby perfectly.

As advertised, because these are wider than the traditional prefold, they fit nicely in Tiny Tush covers.

These are my favorite prefolds by far, and I highly recommend them.


Great price, and they are holding up great! Very absorbent.


Not only are these great for the environment, but they are so inexpensive! I tell everyone about them.

Unisleeve Diaper Liner
Unisleeve Fleece Diaper Liner


The Contour Diaper Doublers work fabulously with all cloth diapers because of the contour shape.  Simply lay one on top of your favorite cloth diaper or use alone inside of a diaper cover.
Organic Cotton Diaper Doubler

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Absorbent microfiber inserts are designed to be absorbent, easy to launder and quick drying. They are rectangular shaped, three ply and available in pairs or individual sizes.
Microfiber Inserts - Made In USA


Perfect Fit Diaper Covers
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Tweedle Bugs disposable diaper liners have a special dry-weave. They allow moisture to pass though the liner and into the diaper without permitting the wetness to seep back against your baby's skin.
Tweedle Bugs Disposable Liners

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Tiny Tush One Size Diaper Covers
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