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Cloth Wipes

Cloth Diaper Wipes

Using cloth diaper wipes with your cloth diapering system is very sensible and practical.

Disposable wipes are very costly and may contain undesirable chemicals. Parents spend an average of $200.00 on cold disposable wipes over a 30-month period.

Cloth diaper wipes are extremely soft against your baby's delicate skin.

They are easy to use. Wet the cloth wipe with plain warm water, clean your baby's bum and toss the wipes into the diaper pail. Wash wipes with your cloth diapers on washday.

Cloth diaper wipes for cloth diapered babies

When you are already using cloth diapers, adding cloth baby wipes to your system is sensible and practical.

Save Money

Parents spend an average of $200 on disposable wipes over a 30-month period. Buy cloth wipes just once and wash them with your cloth diapers. You cut your costs significantly.

No Nasty Chemicals

Disposable wipes may contain undesirable chemicals. With cloth wipes, you use the simplest solution---either plain, warm water or water with a bit of baby shampoo and scent. You control the ingredients, so you don’t need to worry about exposing your baby to chemicals.

So Soft

Cloth diaper wipes are very soft against your baby's delicate skin.  Use the textured side to clean  up messes and the soft side to wipe dry.

Avoid Waste

When you use reusable wipes, you won’t put all of those wet wipes in landfill. Avoiding all of that waste makes a big difference over your baby’s full time in diapers.

Care? What Care!

Cloth baby wipes are easy to use. Wet with plain warm water on your way to the changing table, clean your baby's bum, and toss the wipes into the diaper pail. Wash wipes with your cloth diapers on wash day. You’re already washing diapers, so adding a few cloth baby wipes to each load of diapers makes little difference to the washing. It’s so easy, you won’t even notice.

Choose Your Perfect Wipes

Tiny Tush makes cloth diaper wipes in several sizes and weights to meet the needs of all parents. 

  • Perfect wipes cover even Daddy’s hand. At 12” x 12” they are our largest wipes. Use the loopy side for serious cleaning then the fleecy side to wipe clean and dry. Cotton/polyester blend.
  • Deluxe wipes are thicker with 2 layers of fabric. These 8” x 8” wipes fit commercial wipes warmers when folded in half. Available in domestically grown and sewn cotton or a hemp/cotton blend.
  • Single-layer wipes, our lightestweight diaper wipes, work well when you only need to wipe the baby dry. 100% organic cotton.
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