One Size Diapers

About One Size Fitted Cloth Diapers One size cloth diapers are diapers that are usually adjustable from newborn to potty training. Some one size cloth diapers require a diaper cover and there are other one size diapers which have a water proof exterior and do not require a diaper cover.

Tweedle Bugs One Size Pocket Diaper
Tweedle Bugs One Size Pocket Diaper


Tiny Tush Trim One Size Cloth Diaper
Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 Cloth Diapers


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Tiny Tush Trim 3.0 One Size Cloth Diaper

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The Elite Mini is the ideal (and stylish!) way to diaper even the tiniest of babies.  Offering a trim fit, and adjusting to custom meet the size needed for babies between 4-15 lbs.
Tiny Tush Elite Mini Newborn Cloth Diaper


Our Favorite! The One Size Pocket Diapers  A pocket diaper is a 2-piece system with a diaper-shaped shell that has a pocket opening where you stuff an insert or anything absorbent.
Tiny Tush Elite 2.0 Pocket Diapers