Deluxe Cotton Wipes

Tiny Tush Deluxe Organic Cotton Fleece Diaper Wipes


  • 2-ply for extra thickness & absorbency
  • Soft, fleecy texture is comfortable for baby
  • Size is perfect for most wipe warmers at 8" x 8"
  • 100% organic cotton grown in USA
  • Sold in packs of 10 in mixed colors
  • Made in USA


Save money, waste, and health

Use cloth wipes to save money while avoiding waste and nasty chemicals. Care couldn't be easier. Throw your cloth baby wipes in the wash with your diapers. 


Double layer

Cotton deluxe fleece cloth wipes are a perfect addition to your cloth diapering system when you need extra absorbency. 


Cute colors

Organic cotton deluxe diaper wipes come in a mix of colors: orange, yellow, periwinkle, mint, and natural.



Deluxe wipes are made from organic cotton grown and sewn in the USA. 


Easy care

Wet with a little warm water before a diaper change then toss wipes into the pail with your cloth diapers. Just wash and dry with your diapers. No special care is necessary.


ORIGIN: Made in USA from USA grown and milled fabric
MATERIALS: 100% organic cotton