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Citrus Circles, Controls Awful Odors In The Diaper Pail!

Sold with 3 scented discs per package


Citrus Circles scented disks are amazing and effective odor control products. They work nicely to help control order in diaper pails or wherever you need a fresh, clean citrus scent. Citrus Circles fit into the slot on the back of the lid of our 54 quart diaper pail. They are nontoxic, but should not be ingested. Individually wrapped, each Citrus Circles disk will last 3-4 weeks. 3 Citrus Circles in each package.

Made in the USA.

  • Citrus scented
  • Effective odor control
  • Ideal for diaper pails
  • Lasts 3-4 weeks
  • Three disks to a package
  • Citrus Circles Citrus Circles


These have eliminated all of the odor we were experiencing with cloth diapers. Great value!


I use the Deo-Disks in my Tiny Tush pail liner. They smell like fresh oranges and combat odors beautifully. I never dread opening the lid on the diaper pail because I can expect a fresh citrus scent to follow. I don't have to change the disks very often as the scent lingers for well over a week. I highly recommend using a Tiny Tush pail liner as it has a small pocket inside to hold the Deo-Disks in place.


I ordered these at the recommendation of a fellow diapering mommy. I made a little pocket in our Diaper Genie II and slipped one in and it has helped the smell of the room substantially! I was pleasantly surprised how long they last before having to replace them. I would highly recommend for diapering pails or just to give any room a little pick me up.


Smell wonderful and work for a long time!

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