Diaper Doublers

Tiny Tush Organic Cotton Diaper Doublers


  • Add absorbency to any diaper
  • You choose the shape that works best for you
  • 3 layers of thirsty, 100% organic cotton or hemp/cotton fabric
  • Natural or fun, gender-neutral colors (mint, yellow, & blue)
  • Made in the USA


Nighttime and Heavy Wetters

Diaper doublers increase the absorbency of a cloth diaper through the center, the wet zone, where most of the absorbency will be needed.  Three layers of material allows for more absorbency without being bulky. You will be impressed with the absorbency of this thirsty, trim diaper doubler. Keep your baby dry and still comfortable.


Multiple Uses

It’s helpful to have a few doublers around to add absorbency to fitted or any other diaper. For a newborn, a doubler can give plenty of absorbency alone in a diaper cover. Our customers also love cotton diaper doublers as pocket diaper inserts. Either contour or rectangular diaper doublers can be used to stuff pocket diapers. For a really heavy wetter or a toddler, 2-3 doublers can fit inside of most pockets without being too bulky.


Soft Organic Cotton

Tiny Tush diaper doublers are made with exceptional quality organic cotton milled in the USA or with an organic cotton and hemp blend. You will love having all this softness against your baby's skin.


Contour or Rectangle

You choose the shape that fits your diapers and works best for your baby. Many customers find that the contour shape, thinner in the center between the legs like an hourglass, gives a trimmer fit.  Rectangular diaper doublers are approximately 5” x 12”. Contour diaper doublers are 7.25” x 14.5” with the narrow center about 5.25” across.


Easy Care

Diaper Doublers can be washed with cloth diapers and dried in the dryer or hung to dry.


ORIGIN: Made in the USA
MATERIALS: 100% organic cotton or 55% hemp / 45% cotton