Rectangular Diaper Doublers irregulars 10 pack
  • Rectangular Diaper Doublers irregulars 10 pack
  • Diaper Doublers irregulars 10 pack


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Tiny Tush Irregulars Diaper Doublers
10 irregular doublers to a package


Buy irregulars and save money!

Priced for 10 irregular diaper doublers are:

Organic Cotton Rectangular $30.00

Organic Cotton Contoured $40.00

Bamboo Organic Cotton Blend Rectangular $45.00


Tiny Tush organic cotton diaper doublers are made with 3 layers of thirsty 100% organic cotton fabric which is specially milled for our baby boutique. This exclusive fabric is very trim and super absorbent. You will love having all this softness against your baby's skin. You will be impressed with the absorbency of this thirsty, trim diaper doubler.

This diaper doubler has many uses, such as a newborn diaper when used inside of a diaper wrap, or it can be used to stuff pocket diapers. For really heavy wetters you can use two or three doublers inside most pockets without being to bulky. Available in a random mixture of fun gender neutral colors (natural, mint, yellow, blue).

Tiny Tush Contour Diaper Doublers are made from the same thirsty 100% organic cotton fabric. The contour shape allows less bulk and a trimmer diaper fit. The advantages of the contour diaper doubler is that it adds increased absorbency to your diapers. The contour diaper doublers work fabulously with pocket type diapers because their shape will fill the pocket without unnecessary bulk.

Organic Cotton Diaper Doublers are the same exceptional quality, made with organic cotton following organic practices.

Rectangular Doublers are approximate dimension 5" x 12"
Contour Doublers are approximate dimension 5.25" x 14.5 x 7.25 on the ends.

  • Made with three layers of thirsty 100% organic cotton
  • Adds absorbency to any diaper
  • Available in fun gender neutral colors!
  • Tiny Tush Tiny Tush

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