Diaper Pail Liner

Tiny Tush Diaper Pail Liner with Disc Holder


  • Built-in pouch for deodorant disks
  • Drawstring with toggle to keep the bag closed while carrying
  • 13 fun colors
  • Made with Tiny Tush PUL
  • Approximate dimension 24"x28"x10"
  • Fits tall diaper pails and kitchen trash cans


Easy Carry

A diaper pail liner makes it easy for you to carry diapers from your changing table to the washer. Use the elastic drawstring and toggle closure to keep the bag closed while you transport diapers.


No Special Pail Needed

Tiny Tush diaper pail liner has a built-in scent disk pouch that turns any kitchen trash can into a diaper pail. Liner is 24"x28"x10", which fits a wide range of trash can sizes, even extra tall kitchen trash cans. If you use the 54-quart pail used by diaper services, this pail liner will fit nicely.


Simple Care

Wash whenever you wash diapers. You might find it easier to have two pail liners so you can put a new liner in the pail immediately when you put cloth diapers in the wash.

Remove scented disk prior to washing. Wash with diapers and diaper covers, since the Tiny Tush pail liner is made with the same medical-grade waterproof fabric used for Tiny Tush diaper covers. This fabric can take a touch washing routine.


MATERIALS: Polyester knit with a waterproof layer of PUL