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Unisleeve Fleece Diaper Liner




Unisleeve is short for universal staydry sleeve.  Slide any absorbent diaper insert or other absorbent material into the unisleeve cloth diaper liner, and you covert any diaper cover into an AI2 (all-in-two).


Keep Your Baby Dry

Made of soft microfleece fabric that wicks moisture away from baby’s skin. This stay-dry effect keeps your baby drier and more comfortable.


Great for Nighttime

Slide a prefold or diaper doublers into the Unisleeve to creat a staydry system.  An economical solution that helps prevent your little one from feeling cold and wet during the night.


Easy to Clean

You will appreciate how easy the unisleeve is to clean. Simply slide the absorbent core out of the unisleeve end and into the diaper pail. When soiled, give the diaper liner a quick swish in the toilet to remove solids. The tube shape makes it easy for water and detergent to pass through and get the liner perfectly clean for the next time around.


  • Converts any diaper cover into an all-in-two diaper
  • Unisleeve covers the absorbent material
  • Keeps fabric next to your baby dry
  • Slide any absorbent material inside the unisleeve
  • Use super microfiber inserts without touching baby’s skin
  • Use with any cloth diaper or diaper cover
  • Made in USA

ORIGIN: Made in the USA
MATERIALS: Polyester microfleece

  • Tiny Tush Tiny Tush
Made In USA

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