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Disana Organic Boiled Wool Wrap

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Disana Organic Boiled Wool Diaper Wrap

Sold individually. See options and pricing below.

Disana Organic Boiled Wool Diaper Wraps are made with incredibly soft merino wool which has been naturally felted without chemicals.  For added moisture protection, there is an extra layer of felted wool sewn into the center of the wool wrap. This makes this an excellent nighttime cover for heaving wetting toddlers.

Soft And Comfortable Wool Diaper Wrap

The soft wool ribbing around the waist and legs are gentle on the skin while holding the cover securely providing a snug fit which does not leave red marks on baby's skin. You will love the wide strong Velcro-type closure for a fast and easy adjustable fit.

Disana Organic Wool Wrap Works Well With All Cloth Diapers

This wool wrap works well with all cloth diapers, you can even use prefolds without having to use diaper pins. When in use if they become damp, they do not need to be washed immediately. The natural lanoline oils in wool helps keep the covers water resistant and cleans themselves naturally.

It's Easy To Care For Your Wool Wraps

Simply air dry between diaper changes and re-use. Wool covers only need washing once every couple of weeks or when soiled. Use Eucalan “no-rinse” wool wash, a lanolin replenishing detergent when washing is required to help restore the natural lanolin that is lost during laundering.

Laundering: Hand wash in tepid water with Eucalan, gently squeeze moisture out. To remove excess water rolled in a towel and lay flat to dry out of direct heat or sunlight.  If you have a heavy wetter you may want to add additional lanolin in first wash for optimal performance.  See our instruction on how to prime wool diaper covers for first use.


U.S. Size Tag  Size Tag Weight Tag  Age
Newborn 62/68 10-16 LBS 3-6 months
Small 74/80 15-21 LBS 6-12 months
Medium 86/92 20-32 LBS 12-24 months
Large 98/104 31-38 LBS 2-3 years

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