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Disana Organic Wool Diaper Cover ...

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Disana Organic Wool Diaper Cover is made from the finest silky soft organic Merino wool. Wool is a perfect natural choice for a diaper cover as it can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet, while the natural oils (lanolin) repell the moisture on the inside the cover. Wool also allows your baby’s skin to breathe, promoting a healthy environment, preventing diaper rashes.


Wool Diaper Covers Are Easy To Care For ...

Caring for a wool diaper cover is simplier then you may think. You do not need to wash wool covers after each diaper change. Simply allow the covers to air dry between changes. Wash covers with a lanolin rich detergent every couple of weeks or when the cover is soiled. To minimize the amount of shrinkage, hand wash in lukewarm water avoiding wringing or twisting. Lay wool flat to dry and avoid putting it in direct light or near a heat source. It is best to give wool time to dry naturally.


Wool Diaper Covers Work Well For Heavy Wetters ...

For heavy wetters it is recommended to prime the wool cover with extra lanolin prior to first use. You should also use a lanolin enriched detergent such as Eucalan wool wash to replenish the lanolin while laundering. When using wool as a nighttime cover it is recommended to add extra lanolin to your regular laundering routine.



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Medium 86/92 20-32 LBS 12-24 months $25.95
Large 98/104 31-38 LBS 2-3 years $26.95
X-Large 110/116 37-48 LBS 4-5 years $27.95


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