Front Snap Pocket Diapers Made with a waterproof polyester knit to keep wetness inside, and an inner layer of soft and luxurious micro-fleece next to baby's skin to wick moisture away.


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Sized Pocket Diapers


(Includes 1 Absorbent Micro-fiber Insert)

Size Chart Small Medium Large
Waist 10"-18" 14"-21" 15"-24"
Thighs 8"-13" 10"-15" 12"-17"
Rise 14" 16" 18"
Weight Estimate Lbs. 7-15 14-24 22-38


Finally, a custom, well-fitting pocket diaper that is easy to use and wash -- and one that does not leak or break the piggy bank!
Finally, a custom, well-fitting pocket diaper that is easy to use and wash -- and one that does not leak or break the piggy bank!
Our boutique Perfect Fit pocket diapers are high quality American-made at affordable everyday prices. They come in three sizes to accommodate your child size. Designed to be absorbent, yet trim enough to fit under everyday clothes. This diaper wicks the moisture away from your baby’s skin to help keep them dry and comfortable! A dry and comfortable baby is a happy baby!

The perfect fit pocket diapers are made with durable, waterproof polyester knit to keep wetness inside, and an inner layer of soft and luxurious microfleece next to baby's skin which is responsible for the wicking moisture away. They have a large pocket opening in the back to insert and remove the absorbent core. Each Perfect Fit diaper comes with one microfiber absorbent core which correlates with the size of the diaper. Small and medium use a small insert and the large uses a large insert. You have choices of Aplix, Front snap, or Side Snap closures to best meet your needs.

Both the Front snapping and the Side snapping Perfect fit pocket diapers have two vertical snaps, one at the waist and one at the thigh, which allows you to adjust the diaper waist and leg openings independently to ensure a secure fit.
  • Front snap fit both slim and average legged babies nicely
  • Side snap fit average to chubby legged babies just a bit better
  • Aplix (Velcro type) closure fits all children well.  Aplix will wear out sooner than the snaps but they are is as easier for child care providers to use.  The Aplix diapers have a fold back laundry tabs to keep the labs in place while laundering which helps keeps them looking newer longer.   
  • To launder: Simply knock off any solids; wash a full load on hot using the recommend amount of laundry detergent.   Repeat the hot wash cycle without detergent. Dry on normal or hang to dry.
  • Tip! Do not use detergents with fabric conditioners, fabric softeners or dryer sheets. These ingredients are designed to leave a waxy coating which will cause your diapering items to leak.


Colors Chart

Baby Blue Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper

Brown Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper

Butter Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper

Kelly Green Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper

Lilac Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper

 Orange  Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper

Baby Blue



Kelly Green



 `Periwinkle Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper

Pink Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper

Raspberry Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper

Red Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper

Rose Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper

Sage  Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper


Pretty Pink





saturn blue  Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper

Seaspray Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper

White Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper

Yellow Perfect Fit Pocket Diaper


Saturn Blue






  • Tiny Tush Tiny Tush
Made In USA


Nice cushy diaper. I like them, but they are smaller than I expected. I didn't measure waist and thighs, so this may be my fault, but the weight range seems like it is high. I expect that baby girl will outgrow these faster than expected. The velcro needs to extend more on the tabs to grip better. My 7 month old can already get these off with a swipe of her hands. Overall I am pleased with the softness and fit even if we won't be able to use them as long as we hoped.

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Absorbent microfiber inserts are designed to be absorbent, easy to launder and quick drying. They are rectangular shaped, three ply and available in pairs or individual sizes.
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Perfect Fit Diaper Covers
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