Tiny Tush Hemp Contour Diaper Doublers
  • Tiny Tush Hemp Contour Diaper Doublers
  • Tiny Tush Hemp Contour Diaper Doubler


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Made In USA Hemp Contour Diaper Doubler

Tiny Tush Hemp Contour Diaper Doublers (55% hemp and 45% organic cotton blend)

Sold 1 Per Package

Increase the absorbency of any cloth diaper when you use Tiny Tush's Hemp Contour Diaper Doublers. The unique design of this versatile, trim and comfortable doubler contours to your baby's body to maximize absorbency.


Highly Recommended For Heavy Wetting Toddlers...

You will appreciate the absorbency of the 3 layers of proprietary organic hemp cotton blended fabric. The hemp cotton blended fabric keeps this diaper doubler trim yet still super thirsty.

Double Them Up For Even More Absorbency...

When doubled up these contour diaper doublers work extremely well for naps and nighttime diapering for even the heaviest of wetters. It is simple to stack the doubler, just lay two or more diaper doubler on top of each other and close the diaper cover.

Use To Create Your Own Hybrid Diapering System...

Today’s trendy parents are using them inside of diaper covers or on top of pocket diapers creating their own hybrid systems. Because Tiny Tush Hemp Contour Diaper Doublers do not have plastic snaps you will not get those red indents on baby’s skin which is common when using  doublers with snaps.

Care and Use:

  • These diaper doublers should be primed prior to first use
  • Normal everyday laundering
  • Machine wash and dry on hot use recommended amount of laundry detergent
  • To save money they can be hung to dry
  • No fabric softeners or dryer sheets
  • Some rash creams may stain.
  • See the Care and Use page for more details and tips.
  • Tiny Tush Tiny Tush
Made In USA

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