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Tiny Tush Perfect Fit Prefold Diapers

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Tiny Tush Perfect Fit Prefolds: All sizes $21.95 only $3 more for organic cotton

Sold in packages of 12

If you are looking for the most economical way to diaper your baby (or just want the most time-tested method), consider our Prefolds. And we’ve recently made the economical Prefold diapers even better! They are still “diaper service quality,” but now have even more features.

The new Tiny Tush Prefold diapers are shorter and wider, and fit better inside modern diaper covers (such as our Tiny Tush Diaper wraps). We’ve worked to eliminate the bulk associated with folding extra material at the waist. And we use long cotton staples, which makes the fabric softer, last longer, and prevents pilling.

Unlike the kind you will find at a discount store, our high-quality Tiny Tush Prefolds are made to withstand hundreds of washings. They begin as rectangular-shaped diapers that are divided into three sections. The outer sections usually have a thickness of four layers. To provide absorbency where you need it most, the center section has eight thirsty layers. This is commenly referred to as 4x8x4.

When using our modern diaper covers, you won't even need to use a cloth diaper fastener if you so choose. Simply fold the Prefold cloth diapers into thirds, and place it inside a diaper cover. Using the snug-fitting Velcro-type closure of the cover, be sure that all of the cloth diaper is inside of the cover to prevent leaks. It's that easy!

For a leak-free cloth diaper system, we highly recommend using Tiny Tush Diaper Covers


  • Thick and HIGHLY absorbent
  • 4 X 8 X 4 Layers
  • 100% cotton twill
  • Non-pilling
  • Extremely soft and durable
  • Can withstand industrial washings
  • Made in Pakistan using Indian cotton

Sizes available...

  • small
  • medium
  • large

Fabric options...

  • white (peroxide whitened)
  • unbleached (natural dye free)
  • and organic cotton (made with 100% certified organic cotton)

To use Prefolds, simply fold and secure with a quality diaper cover. For step-by-step illustrations of folding techniques, click here.


SizePriceWeight LbsPrewash DimensionsWashed DimensionsStitch
Small  $21.95 7-18 13"x14" 12"x13" White/blue or purple
Medium $21.95 13-26 15"x17" 14.5"x15.5" White
Large $21.95 15-35+ 16.25"x 19" 15.5"x 17" Blue
Organic Small $24.95 7-18 13.5"x 14.5" 12.5"x13.5" Lt. Brown
Organic Medium $24.95 13-26 15"x 17" 14.5"x15.5" Tan
Organic Large $24.95 15-35+ 16.25"x 19" 15.5"x 17" Dk Brown


  • Tiny Tush

These diapers have been in heavy rotation for about two months. I see no pilling and am very pleased with absorbancy. They fit great with the Tiny Tush one size diaper covers, which are my go-to cover. My one quibble is that the thick center section of the prefold is not always in the center of these diapers, which makes fastening them with a snappi bulkier on one side than the other. About 25% of the diapers I ordered were off kilter in this way. Otherwise, they're a good fit for the littlest bums and the quality is great.

I bought these diapers to donate to the What's That Dresser For project at a local crisis pregnancy center. Thank you for what you do. I will be purchasing again.

These flat diapers are great! We use them for my 20mo in a BioBottoms wool cover and do not fasten them—my kids do most of the diaper changes! They are thin enough to fit under most of his clothes and absorbent enough to keep him from leaks--except at night (heavy night wetter). They are very absorbent, and as a super added bonus, they dry VERY quickly! Wish I had ordered another dozen!

You can't beat these diapers for the price. I use them with Proraps diaper covers and have only had a few leaks. Those were mostly my fault as I was getting used to folding the diapers and making sure the edges were tucked in properly. My baby now sleeps up to 6 hours at night and these will absorb with no leaks.

I love the Tiny Tush diapers! I received a dozen as a shower gift, and I loved them so much that I had to buy the next size up as my baby grew! They are soft, super absorbent, and excellent quality. I'm very happy with my purchase, I will definitely buy more in the future, and I will certainly recommend them to friends!

These prefolds are great! They definitely do what they were made to do, and are so easy to wash. We love them.

I LOVE these diapers. They are by far my favorite out of all the different brands I have tried. I don't even have to use a doubler for my daughter overnight. I have used them both trifolded, and bikini twist with a snappi. I have them in a size large, and they are very generously sized for my daughter who turns 1 in 2 weeks. If I have another baby, I will definitely be buying the smaller sizes of these.

These are mt favorite diapers (by far) in my stash at the moment. My daughter is still a bit too small for her one size pocket diapers, and these fit her perfectly! All I have to do is a tri-fold and put them in the cover and we are good to go. I plan on buying them in the next size up when she is ready for them.