Mini One Size Diaper Cover

Mini One Size Diaper Cover


Tiny babies need newborn diaper covers that won’t be bulky like one-size diaper covers can be on preemies and small newborns. Tiny Tush Mini One Size Diaper Covers fix that problem. They give you the same great quality and function of Tiny Tush One Size Covers in a smaller size range until your baby grows into one size diaper covers.


Just like the Tiny Tush One Size Diaper Cover but tinier

  • NEW! Softer elastic for a gentle fit on sensitive babies
  • Fits babies 4-15lbs
  • Adjust for perfect fit with snap-down rise
  • Leak protection with extra leg gussets
  • Snap reinforcement for durability
  • Choose snaps or hook & loop closures
  • Save money using Tiny Tush Trim contour soakers alone in the diaper cover
  • Choose 13 vibrant colors

Special Care for Newborns

A 4lb baby is incredibly tiny. Getting a diaper or a diaper cover that fits a tiny baby without creating bulk and constriction can be a challenge, so a mini diaper cover gives you flexibility to find a comfortable fit for even the tiniest babies. Then, you’ll see a big change in your baby’s size from 4lbs to 8lbs. You still need the ability to change the size of your baby’s diaper cover without having to buy a whole new cover. With the Mini One Size Diaper Cover, you have 4 covers in one with the 3 snap-down settings.

You don’t need a special preemie or newborn cloth diaper. Just use the snap-in contour soaker from the Tiny Tush Trim diaper separately as a diaper, cover the contour diaper with the Mini One Size Diaper Cover, and your little one is covered.

And, when your little one grows out of the diaper cover, you might want to save it for a favorite baby doll.


A Dream to Clean

If the cover is wet, just wipe and reuse for the next diaper change. Wash every couple of days when you wash diapers.  This lightweight cover washes clean and dries fast for the super easy care you need when you have a newborn to care for.


ORIGIN: Made in USA from USA milled fabric
MATERIALS: Polyester with a waterproof layer of PUL