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Organic Cotton Birdseye Flat Diapers-12 Pack

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Organic Cotton Birdseye Flats  LOW Price

Sold 12 Per Package

These are the versatile diapers your mother or grandmother raved about! You will appreciate the quality of the heavy weight Birdseye, being a single layer these soft organic cotton flat diapers wash clean and dries super-fast. You can wash the flat diapers in any temperatures and dry on high. They can be washed by hand and hung to dry if needed.

These cotton diapers can be folded into any shape to reach your desired size.  My personal favorites folding techniques for flat diapers are the origami and the airplane folds. This youtube video shows how easy it is to fold the flats into useable absorbent diapers.

Made in Pakistan using certified 100% organic unbleached Indian cotton. Available in two sizes;  small 27 inch by 27 inch and the large 32 inch by 32 inch.  The small is great for newborns and may fit until potty training. Use the large size if you are using for a large baby or a baby 6 months or older.

I recommend getting a dozen to use as burp cloths, dish towes or cleaning rags.  I use a dozen of each of the large and small as my kitchen towels and I love them. My son thought they be so cool he tie dyed some for Mother’s day for me.

  • Multiple uses if you can think of it you can use it
  • Time tested and grandmother approved.
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Durable last a long time
  • Convenient sizing making it easy to fold using different techniques
  • Can be dyed at home to your favorite colors
Brand Name:
  • Tiny Tush
My now 2 y.o. son has been wearing these with a wool cover for 6 months. He is now nearly potty trained, and except at night, these diapers are perfectly adequate. They wash easily. They dry quickly. They are VERY absorbent. And they are thin enough to fit under all his clothes (even with the wool cover, which is thicker than most). I love these diapers and will be ordering a couple extra dozen to use with my next baby. BTW, they also work GREAT to cover bread while it is rising!
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