Perfect Wipes

Tiny Tush Perfect Diaper Wipes


  • Single layer, double sided wipe
  • Soft loopy terry on one side and fleecy on the other
  • Large size covers even Daddy's hand at 12"X 12"
  • When folded in half will fit into most wipe warmers
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold In Packs Of 12


Save money, waste, and health

Using cloth wipes saves you money while avoiding waste and nasty chemicals. Caring for the wipes couldn't be easier, since you toss them in the wash with your diapers. 


Why are these wipes so perfect?

At Tiny Tush, we continuously strive to improve our entire line of products, and our wipes are no exception. To make these wipes more versatile, we have increased their size. Tiny Tush wipes are now a generous 12 inches x 12 inches. 


Single ply, double sided

Because they are single ply (one layer), perfect cloth baby wipes are trim enough to get into all the tiny places on your baby's sensitive tush.

Because they are double sided, they can clean the yuckiest of jobs. The soft, loopy terry side grabs and holds the yuckiest messes, while the fleecy super-soft side finishes the job while you wipe baby clean and dry.


Super Easy Care

There are no special laundering requirements for these wipes. Toss in the pail and wash with your cloth diapers. 


Tiny Tush Perfect Wipes are ideal for as everyday cloth diaper wipes, plus they do so much more:

  • If you need a trimmer pocket diaper insert for a newborn, fold a wipe into thirds and watch the bulk between the legs go away.
  • If you need extra absorbency for naps and night time, fold the wipe in half to make a doubler.
  • If you need a barrier to keep rash ointment off your diapers, fold a wipe into a V shape and place with the fleecy side up on top of the diaper.

This awesome fabric has been made and sewn in the USA exclusively for Tiny Tush.


ORIGIN: Made in USA from USA milled fabric
MATERIALS: 80% cotton and 20% polyester