Sized Diapers Covers

Tiny Tush Diaper Covers


Do you have a big variety of diapers? You'll appreciate the versatility of Tiny Tush cloth diaper covers.

  • Four sizes for a leakproof fit on any baby
  • Perfectly proportioned for prefold diapers
  • Superior PUL waterproofing
  • Soft leg gussets to fit skinny or chubby legs
  • Wipe dry between uses
  • Choice of snaps or hook & loop
  • 13 vibrant colors to match any baby's wardrobe
  • Made in the USA


Great fit over a variety of diapers

No matter which cloth diapers you are about to grab, this diaper cover will fit well. The taller rise fits nicely over all types of cloth diapers, including fitted diapers. Correctly proportioned in the rear for DSQ Chinese prefolds diapers, so you'll love this cover if you use a diaper service. 


Dry baby is a happy baby

You'll welcome the soft, non-wicking knit polyester fabric. Superior PUL waterproofing will keep you and your baby's clothes dry while it provides a breathable environment promoting healthy skin. The soft, extra leg gussets contour around your baby's legs, allowing the diaper cover to fit any body shape to prevent leaks.


Choice of closure

Whether you like the simple click of snap closures or the adaptability of hook & loop, Tiny Tush has you covered. 

Snaps make diaper changes quick and easy.

Top-of-the-line Aplix always gives a secure, custom fit, and it maintains its strength for a long time. Fold-back laundry tabs keep your diaper covers lint-free.


Easy to care for

Laundry is easy with these laminated polyester covers. When a diaper cover is just wet, wipe and hang to dry. If your diaper cover gets any mess on it, first rinse solids off the cover with cold water then drop in the diaper pail until wash day.

Available in X-Small 6-13lbs, Small 13-20lbs, Medium 20-27lbs, Large 27-38lbs.

ORIGIN: Made in USA from USA milled fabric
MATERIALS: Polyester with a waterproof layer of PUL