Tiny Tush Elite 2

Our Favorite! The One Size Pocket Diaper

A pocket diaper is a 2-piece system with a diaper-shaped shell that has a pocket opening where you stuff an insert or anything absorbent. Moisture is wicked through the soft inner layer away from your baby’s bottom to the insert, where it stays leak-free behind a soft, waterproof outer layer. 

A one-size diaper gives you options to adjust fit from newborn to potty training without the need to buy new sizes along the way. Tiny Tush diapers snap-down to adjust the rise of the diaper.

Tiny Tush Elite 2.0

Tiny Tush Elite 2.0 brings together the best features mentioned above into the only cloth diaper your baby will need! Combine the adjustability of a pocket diaper with the long use of a one-size diaper, and you have a popular favorite that will work for nearly every baby. If you want the best buy for your money, choose Tiny Tush Elite one size pocket diapers.

  • NEW! Flat strip on the inside of the diaper gives a trim fit and keeps inserts from bunching up front
  • NEW! Single layer, folding inserts wash cleaner and dry faster
  • NEW! 2 inserts with every diaper, small and large
  • NEW! 13 vibrant colors and 17 bold, new prints
  • Same snap-down rise that revolutionized cloth diapers
  • Same dependably high quality, made in USA
  • Same snug fit to contain messes
  • Same soft, dry comfort for your baby
  • Just stuff, wrap, and snap---you’re done!


Why you’ll love Tiny Tush Elite 2.0 One Size Pocket Diapers


Saving money...

Buy diapers just once to keep your baby covered from 8-35lbs. One size means huge savings.

Comfortable baby...

Super soft inner microfleece keeps baby dry and comfortable. Moisture is wicked away from baby to the insert. A dry baby is a rash-free baby, so you will both be happy.

Choice of closure...

A great diaper still leaves you plenty of choices. Choose from 13 vibrant, solid colors and 17 bold, new prints. Parents have their preferences for waist closure, so Tiny Tush Elite comes with either snaps or hook & loop with laundry tabs. Choose snaps for easy washing and years of use. Choose Aplix hook & loop for quick changes on a squirmy baby.

Custom sizing...

Tiny Tush revolutionized cloth diapers with the snap-down rise. Four rise settings on your Tiny Tush Elite cloth diaper means you get 4 sizes in one diaper for a snug fit every time. Many parents start with Tiny Tush Elite on a newborn, using the overlapping waist snap. For the tiniest babies from 4-15lbs, try Tiny Tush Elite Mini.

Easy stuffing...

The unique reverse envelope opening keeps yucky messes from getting caught under the flap, which is inside the pocket keeping wetness from leaking back to your baby.

Custom absorbency...

Every Tiny Tush Elite cloth diaper comes with a small insert for newborns and infants and a large insert for crawlers and toddlers. You can even use both for nighttime. A nice, wide opening allows maximum stuffing with anything absorbent.

Easy cleaning...

Shake or spray messes into the toilet and toss the diaper into the pail until wash time. Single-layer inserts wash and dry very quickly. The hospital-grade outer layer can be sanitized to the highest standards, which is why so many diaper services use Tiny Tush covers. You can be sure that these durable diapers are tough enough to last through years of washing.

Confidence in quality...

Tiny Tush is a company you can feel good about, still run by the founder, who has been in business since 2000 making quality cloth diapers in the USA. Tiny Tush cares about quality and sustainability for our children. All of the fabric is custom milled in the USA. Because these are the best cloth diapers on the market, it’s easy to offer the best warranty in the industry.


ORIGIN: Made in USA from USA milled fabrics, both diaper and insert

MATERIALS: Polyester. Inner layer microfleece; outer layer knit with a waterproof layer of PUL; insert microfiber.