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Cloth Diaper Product Info

Tiny Tush Cloth Diaper Products


Diapering is a simple job. You want diapers that do that job without hassle. You’ll find Tiny Tush cloth diapers easy to use and dependably leak free. Tiny Tush grows with your child from birth to potty training with our snap-down rise system that revolutionized one-size cloth diapers. One-size means long-term savings for you and a comfortable fit for your baby. With Tiny Tush you get great function at an affordable price from a company that goes the extra distance for people and planet.


Tiny Tush Cloth Diapers

Tiny Tush one-size diapers are tough enough to last through your baby’s diapering years. From the convenience of one size pocket diapers to the adjustability of one size cloth diapers with a cover, your baby’s bottom is covered. Tiny Tush Elite pocket diapers come in 13 vibrant colors and 17 bold prints. Tiny Tush Trim fitted cloth diapers are available in organic cotton or a hemp/cotton blend. All Tiny Tush diapers use our revolutionary snap-down rise so you can find the fit your baby needs. Try Tiny Tush Elite Mini for newborns.

We have your best natural fiber cloth diapering option!

The Trim 4.0 fitted diaper features organic cotton or a blend of hemp and organic cotton. The snap-in liner is completely removable for ease of washing and drying. Use with our sized or one-size covers.

Elite 2.0 is the newest version of our best-selling pocket diaper. We've taken all the best features and improved them!

The super-adjustable Elite 2.0 has rise snaps to allow for four settings, fitting babies from 8 to 35 lbs. Available in aplix and snaps and a variety of prints and colors!

Tiny Tush Trim

Tiny Tush Elite 2.0

Finally a newborn diaper that fits the tiniest of newborn babies! The Elite Mini is a one-size pocket diaper just for newborns of any size. The rise snaps allow the Mini to adjust to fit babies from 5 to 16 lbs.

 Available in our latest prints and a variety of your favorite colors!

Tiny Tush Elite Mini  


Tiny Tush Diaper Covers

Use these durable cloth diaper covers over an absorbent diaper like Tiny Tush Trim fitteds or over simple cotton prefold diapers. Front closure with snaps or hook and loop give you the kind of adjustability you like best. These covers are tough enough to handle your home washing routine. The medical-grade waterproof fabric used for Tiny Tush Diaper Covers can be sanitized to meet even the strictest standards. Many diaper services use our covers and you know they are rough on diapers, so you can be confident these covers will last. Both one-size and sized covers available.

Tiny Tush One Size Diaper Covers have proprietary waterproofing and extra leg gussets to be sure that even the wettest diaper won’t leak.

One-size diaper cover will replaces four sizes from 8 to 35 lbs.

These newborn diaper covers fit the tiniest of  newborn babies with room to grow!

Made to fit 4 to 15lbs. They give you the same great quality and functionality of Tiny Tush One-size Covers in a smaller size range until your baby grows into One-size Covers.

One-Size Diaper Cover One-Size Diaper Cover Mini
Tiny Tush’s proprietary waterproofing and double leg gussets makes these diaper cover the preferred diaper cover of Diaper Services.

You can use with any favorite diaper or diaper inserts to create your own custom hybrid diaper system and for less money!

Diaper Covers  


Tiny Tush Cloth Diapering Accessories

Successful cloth diapering requires just a few helpful accessories like washable cloth baby wipes, diaper inserts and diaper doublers to boost absorbency, easy wipe changing pads, a washable diaper pail liner and wet bags for home and travel. Toss it all into the laundry with your diapers and you are ready to go again.

A Tiny Tush Diaper Doubler has many uses, such as a newborn diaper when used inside of a diaper wrap, or can be used to stuff pocket diapers.

For really heavy wetters or night time cloth diapering you can use two inside most cloth diapers being too bulky.

Tiny Tush OG Cotton Diaper Inserts are designed to be absorbent, easy to launder and quick drying.

Adjust the size and the absorbency by folding in different directions, this absorbent cotton rectangular shaped, two ply insert gives you options. Fits all diapers and covers.

Diaper Doublers Diaper Inserts
Made of soft microfleece fabric that wicks moisture away from baby’s skin keeping them feeling drier and comfortable.

You will appreciate how easy it is to clean, simply slide the absorbent cord out of the sleeves end, when soiled give a quick swish into the toilet to remove solids.  It that easy.

Tiny Tush’s Wetbags stay bold and beautiful long after your baby is out of cloth diapers.

Available in fun and vibrant prints that say "wow" wash after wash!  All of our wetbags have an extra side zipper to separate the wet stuff from the dry.

Diaper Liners Wet Bags
Tiny Tush Diaper Pail liner with built in scent disk holder converts any kitchen trash can into your favorite diaper pail.

Adjust the elastic drawstring with the toggle closure to hug the pail and then cinch close to easily transport your diapers from the pail to your washer.

Tiny Tush Travel Tote is very useful for storing soiled diapers when you are on the go.

It contains all wetness and odors keeping your diaper bag dry and odor-free. Folds flat to fit into diaper bags.

Diaper Pail Liners Travel Bags
Tiny Tush Changing Pads provides a soft, cushiony barrier between your child's precious tiny tush and cold (and many times dirty!) surfaces.

The pad is also perfect for cribs, bassinets, changing tables.. and anywhere you need a barrier to protect from unexpected messes.

Tiny Tush wipes are now a generous 12 inches x 12 inches.

They are gentle on your baby's sensitive tush, and they work to get your baby super clean. (Plus, you get so much bang for your buck!)

Changing Pads Perfect Wipes
Not only is using cloth wipes a natural way to wipe your little one's tush clean without harsh chemicals, it is good for the environment and your wallet!

Just dampen the wipe with some warm water and it is ready to use.

Tiny Tush Original Wipes make it easy to always be prepared for life’s moments.

Original Wipes are Made in USA from our super soft 100% cotton fleece. They are a bit trimmer than the Deluxe Wipes and fit nicely into a portable wipes container.

Deluxe Cloth Wipes Single Ply Cloth Wipes