Tiny Tush Trim One Size

Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 one size cloth diapers 

Tiny Tush Trim Fitteds One Size Cloth Diapers


If you want natural fibers for your cloth diapering system, Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 fitted diapers are your best option.

  • Perfect fit from newborn to potty training, 8-35lbs
  • Customize absorbency with snap-in soaker
  • Designed for added comfort and absorbency
  • Choose soft hemp/cotton blend or 100% organic cotton
  • Choose snaps or hook & loop closures
  • You’ll love that the hidden snaps don’t touch baby’s sensitive skin
  • Great for parents with multiple children in diapers
  • Made in USA

This diaper requires a diaper cover.



One Size Cloth Diapers

Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 are the only diapers you will need to buy for your baby. Our popular snap-down rise gives you 3 sizes in one diaper that grows with your baby. 

No bulk on newborns because the liner doubles as a newborn diaper. For the tiniest newborns, just set the contour, snap-in soaker in a cover without the rest of the diaper, and you will have plenty of absorbency. No annoying gapping waist, like you get with some one-size cloth diapers. For heavy wetters and toddlers, snap-in the soaker and go. 


Trim Fitted Diaper

Even with the rise snapped down and the snap-in folded in the front, the diaper has a trim fit on small babies. 


Save Money and Hassle

Do you have an infant and a toddler to diaper? Simplify and save money with one diaper for both. 


Easy Care

You get fast cleaning and drying times because the separate soaker is separate from the diaper. Remove the snap-in liner when soiled for easier clean up. Natural fibers can be washed and dried on hot or cool. Natural fiber diapers can take what your baby puts them through.



These workhorse diapers will last through hundreds of washes. With a one-size cloth diaper, you need durability to last through one baby’s full diapering career and into the next. 


Quality Made in USA

Tiny Tush has been making quality cloth diapers since 2000. Tiny Tush cares about genuine sustainability for people and planet, so we choose to keep diapers and fabrics made in the USA.


ORIGIN: Made in USA with custom fabrics
MATERIALS: Either 100% organic cotton or 55% hemp / 45% cotton