Travel Wet Bags

Diaper Tote Bags for Travel


  • Water-resistant bag for travel
  • Drawstring and toggle closure
  • Choose from prints & colors
  • Multi-purpose tote bag
  • Made in USA

Travelling with cloth diapers just takes a little bit of planning and the right tools. If you change a dirty diaper while you are away from home, you just need a way to bring it back without getting your diaper bag messy. Put the wet diapers in a tote bag for easy carrying.


Drawstring Closure

Tiny Tush Travel Tote Bags pull shut with a drawstring like the Tiny Tush diaper pail liners. If you want two separate compartments for wet and dry diapers, try our Diaper Wet Bags.


Vibrant Prints & Colors

You can match your tote bags to your diapers, since our diaper tote bags are made with the same waterproof fabric as Tiny Tush diapers and diaper covers.


Wash with Diapers

Empty your tote bag and toss in the wash with diapers, diaper covers, or clothes. Since there is only one layer to wash, this bag cleans thoroughly and dries quickly.


All-purpose Tote

Use this bag for more than just diapers. Carry a travel set of blocks, a collection of stuffed animals, or any other travel necessity for your toddler. You’ll find the bag useful long after diapers have faded into the past.


MATERIALS: Polyester knit with a waterproof layer of PUL