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Trim 3.0 Cloth Diaper Package

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An Amazing Cloth Diapering Package

Save money with this one size cloth diapering package!

The colors you receive may not necessarily be the ones included in the photo above.

Tiny Tush Trim 3 One Size Diaper


You Will Receive 12 Tiny Tush Trim 3.0 One Size Fitted Cloth Diapers In Mixed Colors...

+ Each diaper includes an absorbent snap in diaper doubler

Fits sizes 8 to 35 lbs. 

*We will pick the most popular colors for you package. Below is a sampling of the colors which may be included in your package.

Tiny Tush One Size Diaper Covers

You Will Also Receive 3 Tiny Tush One Size Diaper Covers...

You will be able to select your choice of color and closure

Fits sizes 8 to 35 lbs.

Tiny Tush Trim 3
Take Care Of Three Sizes With Only One Diaper!

Ecological, Economical, and Efficient. One diaper, from newborn to toddler.
Perfect fit every time!

Tiny Tush Trim one-size diapers, designed to fit trimmer on your baby, are perfect for everyday use. We use the same snap down system that has made our diapers so popular and easy to use. We have redesigned the crotch area to make it trimmer and more comfortable between the legs. The super absorbent fabric made exclusively for Tiny Tush Natural Baby Boutique is designed to be trim and non-pilling.

Our custom milled fabric is 100% cotton which washes cleaner than cotton blends. We contoured the snap-in-liner to fit the shape of the diaper and in doing so made it more comfortable for your baby.

Tiny Tush Trim one-size cloth diapers are an exceptional value because they are the only diapers you will need to purchase for newborn to 35 Lb toddler. They have a unique snap system which easily adjusts the rise of the diapers to three different sizes!

Tiny Tush One-size cloth diaper has always come with its own absorbent snap-in liner (a $3.50 value) that can be completely removed when soiled, for easier cleanup and quick drying. You have a choice of closure, durable Aplix (hook and loop fastener) or strong snap closures. How absorbent are Tiny Tush Trim One-size cloth diapers? With its snap-in liner the diaper can easily absorb 16oz of fluids. That is a lot of absorption, considering that a can of pop is 12 oz.

  • Now more snaps on snap closure diapers for increased adjustability.
  • Fits newborn to 35+ pounds.
  • No need to buy multiple size cloth diapers
  • Designed for added comfort and absorbency.
  • Liner snaps in the front for higher protection.
  • Removable snap-in liner for easy cleanup.
  • Very fast drying time.
  • Great for parents with different size children in cloth diapers.


Tiny Tush Trim 3.0 One Size Cloth Diaper Blue Tiny Tush Trim 3.0 One Size Cloth Diaper Green Tiny Tush Trim 3.0 One Size Cloth Diaper Natural
Blue Green Natural
Tiny Tush Trim 3.0 One Size Cloth Diaper Orange Tiny Tush Trim 3.0 One Size Cloth Diaper Yellow  
Orange Yellow  

Tiny Tush One Size Diaper CoverTiny Tush One Size Diaper Covers

Tiny Tush's one-size diaper covers with extra leg gussets are sure be your go-to cover. They come in you choice of Aplix or matching snap closures. This one-size diaper cover will replace four sizes from newborn to toddler (8-35 lbs). Adjust the rise snaps to the lowest setting and use the cross-over tabs to fit a new baby; for toddlers leave the cover fully extended.

Custom create your own one-size hybrid diaper system and save yourself a ton of money! Our cover will work with every fitted diaper and insert on the market! Stay-dry inserts, prefolds, flats, fitteds...our cover has got you covered!


Not only are our diaper covers the best functioning covers they are cute to boot and available in vibrant colors.

Kelly Green One Size Diaper Cover Swatch

Ocean One Size Diaper Cover Swatch

Red One Size Diaper Cover Swatch

Kelly Green

Ocean Red
Sage One Size Diaper Cover Swatch Seaspray One Size Diaper Cover Swatch  



Brand Name:
  • Tiny Tush
Made In USA

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