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Traveling with cloth diapers is easy and convenient with Tiny Tush Wet Bags. All of our wet bags have an extra side zipper to separate the wet stuff from the dry.

Tiny Tush Wet Bags With Zippers

Sold 1 per package

Small 9” x 9” bag regular price $12.99 & medium 14” x 16” bag regular price $19.99



Wet Bags for Cloth Diapers & More

Traveling with cloth diapers just got easier and more convenient with Tiny Tush Wet Bags.

Tuck a wet bag into the corner of your diaper bag until it's time to change diapers. Just zip a soiled diaper or wet clothes into the bag and take them home to be laundered. A diaper wet bag makes trips out easy.

Easy to Wash

The wet bag can be laundered with your cloth diapers or other laundry. Just unzip and empty the wet diapers into the wash. Made with the same great material as our Tiny Tush Elite diapers and diaper covers, so you know it can take industrial-strength washing. 

Vibrant Colors & Fashionable Prints

Colorfast materials stay bold and beautiful, saying "wow" wash after wash.  Choose from the same vibrant colors and bold prints as Tiny Tush diapers. You will want to share these fashionable prints with friends.

Wet & Dry in One Bag

A strong zipper on top seals up the waterproof compartment, and another on the side gives you a separate, dry compartment to hold fresh, clean diapers. 

Hang the Wet Bag

The wet bag has a handle that can be wrapped around and snapped to a rail, handle, or hook to give you an extra hand to get those dirty diapers in the bag during a diaper change.

Two Convenient Sizes

For short trips, try our 9” x 9” bag. For all-day outings, you will want the 14” x 16” bag to hold plenty of clean and dirty diapers.

Multiple Uses

Get an extra bag to carry wet swimsuits and towels after swimming, wet bibs after going out to eat, or wet clothes anytime. Fill a small bag with wet baby wipes for diaper changing while travelling. Once your little one is out of diapers, keep using the bag for anything wet and dirty. The bag keeps looking great long after your baby is out of diapers.

Fun and vibrant prints that say "wow" wash after wash!

Traveling with cloth diapers is easy and convenient with Tiny Tush Wet Bags. Tiny Tush Zipper Wet Bags have an extra side zipper to separate the wet stuff from the dry. These wet bags fold nicely to fit into the corner of your diaper bag until needed. Just place the soiled diaper or items  in your favorite wet bag and take home to be laundered.

Best of all you can use this wet bag for other things besides cloth diapers when you are on the go. Other popular uses for the Tiny Tush wet bag include wet swim suits, towels, soiled bibs or any other items you would like to keep separate from your clean and dry items.

The wet bag can be laundered with your cloth diapers or other laundry.

  • Made in the USA
  • Approximate dimensions: Small  9" x 9" and Medium 14" x 16"
  • Convenient sizes: Small for short trips and Medium for all day outings
  • A  great tool that just made cloth diapering on the go simple
  • A pleasant way to bring home your solid diapers 
  • Eco Friendly, wash and reuse over and over 
  • Vibrant colors and fashionable prints you will love to share with friends 
  • Multi-purpose, it can be recycled for other uses when your little one is out of diapers 
  • Makes for an ideal baby shower gift for expecting parents
  • Water-resistant fabric keeps wetness inside
  • 2 zippered compartments separate wet and dry
  • Fits easily in your diaper bag
  • Easy to wash with diapers
  • Very useful even after your child is out of diapers
  • Ideal baby shower gift


  • Tiny Tush Tiny Tush
Made In USA


I bought this as a gift for someone expecting a baby March 22nd, but I can tell you from past experience that the wet bags are great. My daughter has 3 of your brand of wet bags and has used them for 2 years with her son. She also uses the Tiny Tush cloth diapers and she loves them.

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