Cloth Diaper Troubleshooting Series: Part 1 Stinky and Leaky

Cloth Diaper Troubleshooting Series: Part 1 Stinky and Leaky

Cloth Diaper Troubleshooting Series: Part 1

In this article we will cover a few problem areas related to bad smell and repelling. Often, these problems are related to each other. We will explain the easy steps to proper launder your cloth diapers. We will also share with you how to easily rescue a diaper that smells bad or lost its absorbency.

Some common problems…

  • You find that your cloth diapers smell bad right out of the dryer.
  • You find that your cloth diapers smell bad shortly after they have been on your child.
  • You are experiencing repelling/leaking diapers while the inserts are damp or hardly wet.

We recommend this washing routine to prevent bad smelling diapers…

Leaky cloth diapers

Stinky cloth diapers

Following these laundering tips will help prevent buildup of undesirable coatings which will adversely affect the absorbency and smell of your freshly laundered diapers.

  • Wash your cloth diapers on hot using a good quality laundry detergent and an extra rinse. If your machine does not have an option for an extra rinse, run the diapers through another wash cycle without any detergent.

Cloth Diaper Detergent

  • Avoid using fabric softeners and dryer sheets as they leave an oil coating on clothes. This oil coating will coat the diaper fabric and cause leaking. If dryer sheets are used in your dryer for other laundry, they will coat the inside of your dryer and transfer to your diapers.

If your diapers have developed a coating you will need to remove it

Most of the time you can remove the coating by washing on hot with a quality detergent twice before running an extra rinse.

For heavier coating you may need to strip the diapers.

Tools to strip your  cloth diapers

Tools to strip your cloth diapers

You can strip the diapers by using regular original Dawn dish soap and a scrub brush. Let the diapers soak 5-10 minutes in hot water, then dip the scrub brush in a hot water soapy mixture and scrub on both sides of the fleece.  Set the soapy diaper aside and scrub on the next one allowing the soap to dissolve the coating. Allow the diapers to soak in hot water before rinsing.  Rinse until all the soap bubbles are out.

To help keep your cloth diapers fresh try the following…

Once a month you can wash your diapers on hot and the quality detergent plus 1/8 of a cup of bleach. We recommend that you clean your laundry machines to remove the buildup or your diapers will just get coated again.

Most importantly we recommend…

Please follow the cloth diaper manufacturer washing instruction, not all brands of diapers can be washed on hot or with the use of any bleach.

What cloth diaper laundering tips have worked for you?

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