Day 4 Giveaway

The winner from yesterday’s Day 3 Giveaway is Felicia R.! Congratulations!

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Today’s giveaway sponsored by Cloth Baby LLC! Enter through the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Cloth Baby LLC carries several different brands and types of cloth diapers for you to choose from. Some of our brands are Kawaii, Kissaluvs, Happy Heiny, Tiny Tush, OsoCozy, Incredibum & a few more coming soon. We have all-in-one (AIO), diapers with attached insert so there’s no stuffing involved, just snap it on and go.  Another type is the pocket diaper; it comes with separate inserts that you stuff into the pocket. We also have diaper covers that can be used over a fitted diaper, pre fold, micro fiber inserts or bamboo inserts. The majority of our cloth diapers are one size, fitting babies 8lbs to 35lbs but we also have newborn diapers that fit from 6lbs – 22lbs. In addition we offer cloth diaper safe laundry soaps and nuts; your stash isn’t complete without them.

Today’s lucky winner get one Tiny Tush diaper pail liner of their choice.  Designed with a built in deo disk holder to transform any ordinary kitchen pail in to diaper pail.

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17 comments on “Day 4 Giveaway
  1. Amy Menzies says:

    My favorite part of cloth diapering is keeping chemicals away from my babies bum. And the cuteness factor!

  2. Amy Menzies says:

    I can’t get the Cloth baby LLC facebook page to come up no matter what I try 🙁 It seems I am blocked (perhaps only US citizens are allowed to see their page)?

  3. Katie L says:

    I thought it would be cheaper when looking into for first baby

  4. bonnye sensenig says:

    I love that I never have to “go out” for diapers, and that it is so good on my little one’s sensitive skin!

  5. Miranda says:

    Several good friends of mine, were CD pros and got me hooked! Now that my son is older I like that he can pull them off as easily as disposable! LOL! He likes to go streaking through the house whenever he can!

  6. Jessica says:

    I started looking into cloth diapering when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had never even considered it as an option till a post about cloth diapers came across my facebook feed. I honestly didn’t even know people still used cloth! After some research (and time convincing my husband it was a good idea!), we decided it was the way to go. I have been cloth diapering for 8 months now and I love that we never run out and don’t have a weekly diapers/wipes expense. It is way more convenient that I imagined!

  7. hollie n. says:

    i got started when i found the flats challenge randomly! what i love about cloth is i never have to worry about running out!! and not “having” to buy more diapers for the next baby (oh, but you know i will!!)

  8. Christena says:

    I’ve not yet started with cloth…I have 2 older children (10&8) and we used ‘sposies on them. We are waiting to adopt a newborn and are committed to exclusively cloth diapering this new little one. Building our stash while we wait 🙂 Excited to go the “healthier” route for my baby this time!

  9. Brooke says:

    I started cloth diapering with my first child after I ran out of all huge stash of disposable diapers I was given. We needed to do it for financial reasons, but I really love it! We have used it through 3 babies. I am now due with baby #4 and plan on using cloth. My favorite things about cloth…no blowouts! I also like to hang them on the clothesline in the summer. 🙂

  10. Angela Heffner says:

    I won a Fuzzi Bunz (old style) one size diaper a few years ago, when my oldest was about 6 months old. I’ve been hooked ever since.
    I love that we are saving so much money (and the trash in the landfills) by using cloth!
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  11. LisaA says:

    I was turned on to cloth after a friend sent me a gift certificate for a cloth diaper service at my baby shower. Been cding ever since!! 🙂

  12. Raquel Beaty says:

    I started cloth diapering so my baby would wake up dry, and to save money! I have so many favorite things about cloth diapering! I really like that I don’t have to remember to buy diapers and if I start to run out, I can just wash them! 🙂

  13. We started when our second was about 8 weeks old , the diapers were just adorable and it was a huge $ savings. We ended up making several other ‘eco friendly’ choices after our switch to cloth, that we probably would have never ventured into doing otherwise.

  14. Debnmike moretti says:

    A coworker intoduced me to cloth. I just love the cuteness of cloth!!

  15. Trisha says:

    I first started cloth diapering after having my third child. Better late the never. Cassie Louis is my go to person with all my cd’ing questions and concerns…. I wish I would have started sooner. But it is my newest addiction!

  16. Marya Mann says:

    Started CD when I learned about a friend who was into it. I have learned alot from her about it and realized how easy it was! It’s Eco friendly and saves you $ in the long run! I have a two month old that I CD but unfortunately not full time because I don’t have enough diapers.

  17. Kara Reeder says:

    My husband was the one that was interested in it first, he had no idea the addiction he would create! haha… I love that I never have to go buy diapers… I want too… haha…