Guest Post: For The Love of Babywearing {by Andrea of Momma in Flip Flops 2}

Thank you to Andrea from Momma in Flip Flops 2 for sharing her advice and love of baby carriers!

For The Love of Babywearing!

I remember when I was first introduced to babywearing… I was a child as my mom was wearing my younger siblings in all kinds different babywearing products. When I had my first child I thought I wanted to babywear because my mom did. I was intimidated though and it didn’t work for me. I tried some old school carriers and I now know they weren’t the correct size for my body and I gave up thinking it wasn’t for me. Time went by and I had my second when my midwife gave me my first wrap style carrier. When I first saw it I thought.. no way! Then a couple of weeks in she was fussy and my then not even two year old needed me so I gave it a chance. I was scared, but I got her all snuggled and wrapped up after reading the directions several times to make sure I wasn’t going to harm her. Once she was in for a couple of minutes she was starting to doze off (she loved it) .. I however thought she was suffocating or something (I know now not possible) and had her out of that carrier in seconds. I then knew I was crazy and got her back in, once again she was fast asleep. Since then four years ago I still babywear her as well as my almost two year old.. both since birth. It’s one of the greatest joys that not only I have experienced with my children but also my husband. It’s made life so much easier as I have younger children, my babies are always close and content making for a happy parent, baby and siblings. I highly recommend babywearing to all parents I meet and encourage them not to be discouraged but keep trying. I was afraid at first, didn’t know what I was doing and now I have a carrier for all stages! Keep going and the longer you wear the more experienced and confident you’ll become.

A few pictures and captions of the carriers I love at each stage!

I can’t go anywhere when my babies are infants without a wrap styled carrier. There are many on the market, all work similar with small different features. You can wrap the baby different ways and even put old children on your back. Face them in or out depending on the age and position that works best. I can easily nurse in this baby carrier as well making it ideal. Pictured below is my one month old baby boy in the Sleep Wrap.

one month old baby boy in the Sleep Wrap

When my children are a bit older I love the Mei Tai carrier. Once again several different brands to choose from.. the colors, patterns are gorgeous and you can really choose one that you love. I’m wearing Mei Tai I purchased on eBay (my first babywearing purchase) and still one of my favorites today. A lot of Mei Tai’s come with padding in the straps and though this feature is great I have found it not nearly as comfortable as being able to fan a flat fabric over your shoulder. Mei Tai’s can be worn on your front or back, depending on child’s age and position of choice. Some can even be adjusted for facing out. Pictured my daughter is about 8 months old.

When my children are a bit older I love the Mei Tai carrier

As said before both my husband and I love babywearing and my husband wears all the carriers I do with confident and style! However as they grow we don’t go anywhere without a Soft Structured Carrier. These are carriers like the Ergo, Beco or Boba (and others available). All are similar with different features and work excellent. Helping distribute older children’s weight evenly and can even be used for younger children/babies as well. Pictured is my husband and I on our trip to Mexico with our carriers. My husband is wearing the Boba with our then 3 year old daughter and I’m wearing our then 1 year old song in the Beco. My husband likes the Boba because it has foot straps for the child, I like the Beco Butterfly 2 because it has a panel in between you and baby making it more secure when they are younger and very easily to put on.

As said before both my husband and I love babywearing and my husband wears all the carriers I do with confident and style!

I hope you enjoy babywearing and don’t feel intimidated! You will love it just as much as your child – find the perfect carrier for you as there are many to choose from.

Thanks again to Andrea, you can find her on her awesome review/giveaway blog, Momma in Flip Flops 2and on Facebook at her Momma in Flip Flops 2 page. Enjoy!

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