Tiny Tush expands its boundaries….and makes a big move!

Tiny Tush expands its boundaries….and makes a big move!

Tiny Tush Natural Baby Boutique Makes Big Move

We are evolving our cloth diapers business – join us on our journey!

A few people have asked us….what’s happening at Tiny Tush? And we know they aren’t just talking about how Tiny Tush designs and manufactures some of the highest quality cloth diapers around. So first of all, thank you to those who notice we have had a lack of new blog posts in recent months, and have asked the question of what’s going on. And secondly, we do pledge to both bring you up to speed with our happenings, and to make sure we are more regular in letting you know about Tiny Tush updates from here forward!

In the last couple of weeks we did let you know about the expansion of the Tiny Tush family, and about some community and charitable causes we have supported. Take a moment to read that post if you haven’t yet read about Kate, our diaper drive for Haiti, and the custom Super Bowl diapers auctioned to support our local food pantry But now, here is the rest of the story…

As you may or may not know, in 2010 we made the big decision to move the location of Tiny Tush headquarters. Our former Baraboo, Wisconsin offices were wonderful….but as we have grown, they unfortunately not longer offer us the room we really need, nor provide us with the opportunity to open some retail space (which is something I’ve always wanted to do). So, while we are staying in the Baraboo area – the same place we’ve been in since Tiny Tush was founded – we decided to relocate our offices and start plans to open a storefront.

We found the perfect location last year and made the plunge. It has taken months UPON MONTHS of work – let me clarify – blood, sweat and tears is more like it! – to turn the space into the ideal Tiny Tush headquarters.

I have been consumed by all the details involved in a remodeling project in every spare moment I have. Think about discovering codes that have changed, the extra brainpower needed to figure out the best energy-saving features (we want to make our new building as green and energy-efficient as possible – extra expense up front, but money- and environment- savings in the long run), and doing everything we can to stay within budget. We even found out in the middle of our remodel that we need 2 furnaces and 2 air conditioning units for the size of our building (quite important to know, I’d say).

But the Tiny Tush family, which includes my immediate family plus some dedicated employees, has managed to stay the course and get the new Tiny Tush space into tip-top shape. The results are everything I ever dreamed they could be, plus so much more.

The shipping, receiving, manufacturing, and processing order areas are all complete. My office, plus the community room and bathroom, now have the final touches and have been crossed off the “to do” list. Our retail space and store front is next on the list. I will tell you that as I work through the plans, I am more and more excited. I look forward to opening a location where I can showcase all the wonderful products in the Tiny Tush line of diapers and supplies.

So thank you for your interest in knowing what is going on, and thank you for reading this post! As we make more progress with the Tiny Tush retail space, I promise to let you know. And looking ahead, the grand opening will be something special. I hope that many of our loyal customers and supporters will be able to join with me in the celebration. It is all of you who have helped make Tiny Tush the successful company it is today.

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