New Prints – Derby & Amore

New One Size Pocket Diaper Prints – Derby & Amore

One Size Pocket Diaper Derby and Amore

Black, white, and red checkered flag, Derby’s brilliant color will surely be the runway star.

Our first mystery print, Amore! Love in the air with this print – bold and beautiful it’s sure to take your breath away. Do I need to say Amore?

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    Love amore! Shared on fb

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    shared on facebook (and I just have to say I’m IN LOVE with Amore!)

  8. Rebecca Roland says:

    shared on fb. MUST.HAVE.DERBY!!!

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    Facebook! 1980s retro feel LOVE IT!!!

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    This is my favorite retailer!

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    Ok I am really enjoying derby!

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    Again, wow! The Amore can be boyish, right??
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    Anyone else enjoying the math? 🙂

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    The amore print is great, too – how would I ever choose a favorite??

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