Retailer Chat Tuesday: Tooskies

Q&A with a Tiny Tush retailer Tooskies

Featured Store: Tooskies, owned by Ashley Score & Morgan Fedderly
Location and Website: 603 Broadway Street. Menomonie, WI 54751
Days & Hours open: Mondays only, by appointment

  1. How long have you been carrying Tiny Tush Products? 1 year
  2. What is your best-selling Tiny Tush products? Disposable liners. We are proud to carry Tiny Tush brand in our shop!
  3. What is your personal favorite Tiny Tush product? We are really happy with most all of the Tiny Tush products we have tried.
    At the moment, we love the Tiny Tush Elite diaper.
  4. What is the one invention that the baby world needs that hasn’t been invented yet? A time machine. To trap those precious moments with a newborn, and
    fast forward through the rough patches!
  5. Why did you decide to open your business? We decided to launch Tooskies as a way to help parents who were considering using cloth diapers but had questions, reservations, or concerns. We use cloth on our own kids and were quickly impressed by how easy it was. We know that all of the information available can be a little overwhelming at first, so we wanted give other parents a place to physically handle the diapers, talk to others who use them, and see first hand how easy (And cute!) modern cloth diapers can be.
  6. Why do you love cloth diapers? We love cloth for SO many reasons! They can save you a butt load of money. They are better for the environment. They are better for
    little bottoms…Let’s face it, they are just better all around
  7. What key advice do you give new parents who are thinking about cloth diapers? Our advice to new parents considering cloth is simple: TRY IT! It’s truly so much easier than you think it is.
  8. What would you like the world to know about you? We are just two mom’s, lovin’ life in the land of beer and cheese! We are excited to have Tooskies and are proud to offer modern cloth diapers (Especially local ones), baby carriers, and other quality baby items. We love meeting other parents and their little ones. We are passionate about cloth diapering and enjoy getting the message out to those who are interested in trying it for their own families! Go Packers!
  9. Do you have a cloth diaper story you want to share – perhaps you or someone you know who has found that cloth diapering has improved their life in some way?

    Well, I have a story that still makes me giggle…

    It’s a story involving all of the “Cloth Diaper Lingo” floating around and how overwhelming it can be when you are first getting started…

    Once upon  a time, before I had my own daughter, my sister said this sentence to me:

    “So, we had a babysitter for Layla last night. When we got home Layla was wearing a G-diaper, with a Tiny Tush disposable liner, in a Thirsties cover-WITH a Snappi!” She then busted out into hysterical laughter.

    I was puzzled.

    Not only did I have no idea what language she was speaking, I didn’t have the faintest idea why it was funny.

    Fast-forward to today; when that sentence not only makes perfect sense, it actually makes me giggle at the thought of my niece loaded up in such a cloth contraption. It also makes me sympathize with the babysitter-That was me before I had my own kid!

    THAT is why we decided to open Tooskies  🙂

Thank you to Tooskiesfor choosing to carry Tiny Tush!

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