September Retailer Chat: Cloth Diaper Market

Q&A with a Tiny Tush retailer!


Cloth Diaper Market Cloth Diapering and Supplies

Featured Store: Cloth Diaper Market

Location and Website:
4729 N Carefree Cir
Colorado Springs CO 80917

Days & Hours open: Open Mon-Sat 10-3p. We offer a cloth diapering demo, free of charge to anyone new to cloth diapers.

  1. How long have you been carrying Tiny Tush Products? 1 year, since we opened!
  2. What is your best selling Tiny Tush product? Tiny Tush covers are the best selling product. We love the gussets on the diapers, it makes for a leak proof fit! The diapers sprayers are a huge seller. We have so many parents that love using them.
  3. What is your personal favorite Tiny Tush product? I love the hemp fitteds. What an amazing price for a one size fitted that is USA made!!
  4. What is the one invention that the baby world needs that hasn’t been invented yet?
    In the 9 years I have been a Mom, I feel that the more we go back to the basics. Cloth Diapering, baby wearing and nursing the better off our children will be. I am all for more natural and less stuff!
  5. Why did you decide to open your business? The Cloth Diaper Market online store was started in 2006, so the next step was to open up our own retail location so that we can feature USA made products. The shop is busy and so amazing to be able to connect with other parents who love diapers as much as I do.
  6. Why do you love cloth diapers? For us it was the chemicals. I hate the thought of all those chemicals being on our babies bottom’s day after day. I love with cloth you know they are getting the best and isn’t that what every baby deserves?
  7. What key advice do you give new parents who are thinking about cloth diapers? Cloth Diapering is easy! No trips to the store for diapers in the middle of the night. Its great for your baby and the earth plus the price is sooo much cheaper!
  8. Do you have a cloth diapering routine you can share? We wash with Rockin’ Green, then do an extra rinse and off to the dryer! So Simple!
  9. What would you like the world to know about you? I did cloth the entire time with our youngest. She never once had a paper diaper on. We camped, long road trips and plane trips. It wasn’t hard, it took a bit of planning but it was so easy to always have our stash of diapers with us.

Thank you to Cloth Diaper Market for choosing to carry Tiny Tush Cloth Diapers!

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