The Woman Behind Tiny Tush

Who Is The Woman Behind Tiny Tush Baby Boutique?

The first secret I’ll tell you is it isn’t just me, Charlene Foster – it’s also my husband Fred – plus all my kids as well. It’s the whole family. And without this team of seven, Tiny Tush wouldn’t exist.

As anyone who has started his or her own business knows, it is an all-encompassing task to get a company off the ground.  So much time, many resources, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears are involved.  My kids have been so supportive, and were incredibly patient through the tough times. They have provided so much creative inspiration for the company.  Not to mention they were the spark that brought to light the need for great cloth diapers!

And my husband, Fred – well, what can I say about him.  He and I built up Tiny Tush from the ground up, and he has supported me in the great endeavor.  Plus he and I share the major tasks that keep our business going!  When a computer crashes (luckily not very often), Fred is the one who knows how to fix it. I’ve been working to re-launch our website (which, truth be told, is much like giving birth).  And when there is a decision to be made about the cut, fabric, styling, really anything about the way our diapers are created, we both make the final decisions.

In the case of Tiny Tush, behind a strong and successful woman lies a wonderful, loving, supportive family who contributes a great deal to keeping the company going in the positive direction that it is.