Tiny Tush Celebrates 10 Years In Business

Tiny Tush Celebrates 10 Years In Business

Tiny Tush celebrates 10 years in business –

A decade of educating parents to the benefits (and joys!) of using cloth diapers

10 years. TEN years. A decade.

There are quite a few ways to write this – but the fact remains that I am very proud that Tiny Tush has now hit the ten year milestone. I want to pause for a few moments and reflect on all the great things that have happened during this time.

If any of you know me, whether by reading my blog, perusing my website, connecting with me via social media, or meeting me in person – the one thing you hopefully know and understand is my and my family’s passion for what we do – and for all that Tiny Tush stands for.

We have grown so much over the years, but the core of what our focus is has not wavered. We strive to not only be an excellent designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of cloth diapers and natural baby products, but we aim to also help parents and families learn about cloth diapering and understand how it works….and all the extra benefits that one experiences when using cloth (such as the environmental, health and financial benefits, just to name a few! Not familiar with these? Click here for more!

Something that is unique about our company is the way we always strive to find solutions to make lives of parents better, and to help make lifestyle choices – like cloth diapering – work for families who have made a choice. We have followed this course for 10 years.

One of the things of which I am most proud is that Tiny Tush is a leader in developing the “one size” cloth diaper that really, REALLY works and (literally) expands to fit as your baby grows. This is a product innovation that has brought cloth diapers into a new realm. Our one size diaper has gone where cloth diapers had not been able to go in earlier years (we remind people who are new to cloth diapering in this century, “this isn’t your grandmother’s cloth diaper!”). The one size diaper makes cloth so much more affordable for families….and we want to ensure access to cloth diapers for everyone who would like to go this route.

So to summarize the past ten years of amazing progress, let’s ask the question: What is Tiny Tush?

Tiny Tush is a labor of love. We are a family owned business. We are passionate about our products, our customers, and our retailers. We want to help educate and inform people about the products we offer, and help them determine if the choice of cloth is right for them. We have been recognized as the “one size” diaper experts for some time now, and that is something that I makes me feel very honored.

And to speak at an even higher (and more abstract!) level, we aim to help change lives for the better, and help the world in any positive way we can.

Last, but certainly not least, we simply love babies.

The ideas above have carried us very well through the last decade, and will continue to be our beacon as we move forward into our next 10 years of working with parents and families.

Some things never change…..they just get better.

Our gallery of photos that shows how we have evolved and grown!!

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4 comments on “Tiny Tush Celebrates 10 Years In Business
  1. Kate says:

    Congrats on 10 YEARS to such a wonderful company!!

  2. Captain Katrina Goodwill says:

    Thank you for TinyTush. You have made our life better and even the lives of families accessing help through The Salvation Army Better AROUND the WORLD! thank YOU

  3. Congratulations! Ten year is huge! Think of all the bottoms that have been diapered over those ten years, think of the waste that has been avoided in those ten year! What a great milestone. 🙂 I can not wait to see all the wonderful things you will do in the next ten years!

  4. Sabrina Radke says:

    Congratulations on 10 years!