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Tried an Elite One-Size diaper? Please complete the Tiny Tush Elite survey on Padded Tush Stats! With questions on fit, reliability and sizing, you can help other mamas see if our Elite diaper is right for them.

We would love to see the Tiny Tush Elite get the most completed surveys on their site! Can you help us with that?

Please share your thoughts on Tiny Tush here: http://www.paddedtushstats.com/2011/06/tiny-tush-elite-one-size-pocket-diaper.html 

Thanks and love from Tiny Tush!

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One comment on “Tiny Tush Survey at Padded Tush Stats
  1. Mary Michaud says:

    Left high marks for your diaper, love it! Only one suggestion – on your next edition of the Elite, could you space the rise snaps farther apart so it will snap down farther? That’s the only reason I haven’t used them on my newborn yet. Elsewise, I love them and they are slowly but surely becoming my absolute favorite diaper. (beat out Rumparooz a few months back 🙂 My favorite thing about them is that they’re the only nighttime diaper that’s foolproof for nighttime for my heavywetter toddler!!