Can I Upload My Logo To My Account
Yes it is easy to do. When you are logged into your account, click on "My Account" link and then click on "Upload My Logo" link. Follow the instructions from there.
Where will my logo be seen?
We are currently trying approaches to customize your friends shopping experience. Currently, when you send a referral to our website your logo will be seen near the footer area of at the lower left side.

If you use offline marketing and have your friend enter your unique code on this web page they will be sent to a confirmation which will display your logo.
What do I do if the banners don't fit on my website?
We will be happy to work with all of our Friends to make banners which help promote our products. Simply contact us with a description of your needs and we will be happy to make a custom banner.
How do I get someone to become a Tiny Tush Friend linked to my account so that I can earn comissions from their referrals?
When logged into your account, click on the left menu link "Tier Linking Code" . When this page opens, you will be able to see the referring link which you will need to use to have someone join your tier.