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Organic Cotton Diaper Doubler

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Our doublers have 3 layers of thirsty, super-soft 100% organic cotton fabric that is milled specially for Tiny Tush -- they increase the absorbency to your cloth diapers without adding unnecessary bulk.

Ideal for heavy wetters and nighttime diapering! Three layers of super soft, 100% organic cotton to increase the absorbency of a cloth diaper through the center, the wet zone, without being bulky.

The Contour Diaper Doublers work fabulously with all cloth diapers because of the contour shape. Simply lay one on top of your favorite cloth diaper or use alone inside of a diaper cover. When using inside of the diaper cover as an absorbent pad, use one diaper doubler with newborn or an infant and two for older children or nap time. Tiny Tush Diaper Doublers are flexible enough to use however you need to!

Contour or Rectangle

You choose the shape that fits your diapers and works best for your baby. Many customers find that the contour shape, thinner in the center between the legs like an hourglass, gives a trimmer fit. Rectangular diaper doublers are approximately 5” x 12”. Contour diaper doublers are 7.25” x 14.5” with the narrow center about 5.25” across.


Diaper Doublers can be washed with cloth diapers and dried in the dryer or hung to dry.


  • You choose the shape that works best for you
  • Rectangular Doublers approximate dimension 5" x 12"
  • Contour Doublers approximate dimension 5.25" x 14.5 x 7.25 on the ends
  • Use with any diaper
  • Keep your baby dry and comfortable.
  • Made In The USA

*Prime your Diaper Doubler and other new cloth diapering items before first use. See the Care and Use page for more details and tips.

Sold individually

NOTE: Always use laundry detergent approved for your machine.


Easy Care

Diaper Doublers can be washed with cloth diapers and dried in the dryer or hung to dry.


Wash instructions: Priming natural fabrics such as cotton and hemp

  • Cotton and hemp items need to be washed/primed prior to use.  To wash natural fibers, use the recommended amount of laundry detergent, wash and dry on hot settings, and use an extra rinse cycle.  This will remove the natural oils from the fabric and ensure diapers reach maximum absorbency prior to using them.  The amount of prep washing required will depend upon the type of detergent used and hardness of your water.
  • The fabric is ready (primed) when you pour small amounts of water in several spots and it absorbs instantly upon contact. If the water beads, it is not completely primed and will need to be washed a few more times. Repeat these steps until the fabric absorbs the water on contact.
  • Do not wash new diapers with diapers already primed, with pocket diapers, or with any other household items (such as towels) as the oils may transfer onto these items.
  • After priming, the diapers can be washed and dried on hot settings with an extra rinse.
I have the rectangular ones and LOVE them! They have solved our leak problems, particularly at night! I put two inserts in the diaper along with the pocket insert that goes with my cloth diapers. My tummy-sleeping son is still dry in the morning, even after a couple of feedings. Awesome!!!
This is the best doubler we have! In fact, I would say it's more absorbent than a lot of my inserts. I bought the standard rectangular doubler in green. I am able to use it as an insert and it lasts for 2-3 hours without any leaks.
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