Tiny Tush One Size Cloth Diaper Cover

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Tiny Tush's one-size diaper covers with extra leg gussets are sure be your go-to cover. They come in you choice of Aplix or matching snap closures.

Tiny Tush One Size Diaper Covers

Sold individually


Tiny Tush's one-size diaper covers with extra leg gussets are sure be your go-to cover. They come in you choice of Aplix or matching snap closures. This one-size diaper cover will replace four sizes from newborn to toddler (8-35 lbs). Adjust the rise snaps to the lowest setting and use the cross-over tabs to fit a new baby; for toddlers leave the cover fully extended.

Custom create your own one-size hybrid diaper system and save yourself a ton of money! Our cover will work with every fitted diaper and insert on the market! Stay-dry inserts, prefolds, flats, fitteds...our cover has got you covered!

Not only is our cover the best functioning covers they are cute to boot with vibrant colors and fashionable prints!

A beautifully simple diaper cover. You don’t need to learn a whole new system. Just snap down to your baby’s size and put it on over the diapers you already have.

Features of Tiny Tush One Size Diaper Covers

Tiny Tush One Size Diaper Covers are sure to be your go-to cloth diaper covers.

  • NEW! Improved fit for skinny or chubby thighs
  • NEW! Softer elastic for a gentle fit on sensitive babies
  • Save money using one cover from birth to potty training
  • Save money by using with any insert, prefold, flat, or fitted diaper
  • Save on laundry. Wipe clean and reuse 
  • Leak protection with extra leg gussets
  • Snap reinforcement for durability
  • Perfect fit over Tiny Tush Trim 4.0 fitted diapers
  • Adorable in 13 vibrant colors

Superior Leak Protection

Before anything, you need a diaper cover to keep your baby’s clothes dry. Tiny Tush One Size Diaper Covers have proprietary waterproofing and extra leg gussets to be sure that even the wettest diaper won’t leak. The diaper won’t peek out either, because a contour flap in the front holds any diaper in place.

Great Fit for Every Diaper Change

The advantage of a one size diaper cover is the adjustability. Tiny Tush Covers give you 4 covers in one with 3 snap-down settings to fit 8-35lbs. Both the snaps and hook & loop closure have cross-overs for added adjustability. You can even use the cross-overs to secure a dirty diaper in a pinch.

Easy Care

Just wipe clean and reuse the cover for the next diaper change. Wash when soiled. This lightweight cover washes clean and dries fast. Use fold-over laundry tabs to keep hook & loop fresh and prevent catching on other diapers. 

This cover can take what you give it. It can be sanitized to the highest industrial standards, which is why this is the cover of choice for so many diaper services. This is the toughest one size diaper cover around.


Color Swatches

White One Size Diaper Cover Sunshine One Size Diaper Cover Celery One Size Diaper Cover
White Sunshine Celery
Sage One Size Diaper Cover Seaspray One Size Diaper Cover Sky Blue One Size Diaper Cover
Sage Seaspray Sky Blue
Pretty Pink One Size Diaper Cover Orante One Size Diaper Cover Ocean One Size Diaper Cover
Pretty Pink Orange Ocean
Chocolate One Size Diaper Cover Red One Size Diaper Cover Saturn Blue One Size Diaper Cover
Chocolate Red Saturn Blue
Kelly Green One Size Diaper Cover    
Kelly Green    

Limited Edition Prints

Cupid One Size Diaper Cover Amore One Size Diaper Cover Sweetheart One Size Diaper Cover
Cupid Amore Sweetheart
Autumn One Size Diaper Cover Dazzle One Size Diaper Cover Derby One Size Diaper Cover
Autumn Dazzle Derby
All Star One Size Diaper Cover Farm Fun One Size Diaper Cover Lots of Dots One Size Diaper Cover
All Star Farm Fun Lots of  Dots
Pebbles One Size Diaper Cover Spot One Size Diaper Cover Giraffe One Size Diaper Cover
Pebbles Spot Giraffe
Wildside One Size Diaper Cover Sunset One Size Diaper Cover Delicious One Size Diaper Cover
Wildside Sunset Delicious

One Size Diaper Cover Highlights

 Tiny Tush One Size Diaper Cover For Cloth Diapers




Brand Name:
  • Tiny Tush