Tiny Tush Organic Cotton Contour Diapers

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Tiny Tush Contour Cloth Diapers in Two SizesTiny Tush Contour Cloth Diapers in Two Sizes

Sold 1 per package


Size 1 (5-15 Lbs) and size 2 (15-30 Lbs)

Made With 100% Absorbent Cotton. Parents enjoy using contoured cloth diapers because they are an economical alternative to fitted diapers. They are also a lot trimmer on your baby than prefold cloth diapers.

Contoured cloth diapers are shaped to fit your baby's body comfortably. However, when using contoured diapers or prefolds, you will use a few more diaper covers than when using fitted diapers. This is because neither contoured nor prefold diapers have elastic at the waist or legs. It is to be anticipated that the diaper covers will get soiled a bit more. We recommended getting 10 diaper covers per size to accommodate for this.

For easy cleaning of your diaper and covers you may want to use a diaper sprayer which rinses the stools off the diapers and diaper covers. A diaper sprayer, using fresh cold water, helps prevent staining. Also you are not soaking diapers in a bacteria filled pail or toilet. A contour cloth diapering system is a wonderful and practical way to cloth diaper your baby!

Tiny Tush Contours are trim through the crotch providing a nice, comfortable fit. Our contours have a loose liner sewn to the back of the diaper providing 5 layers of absorbent material in the "Wetting Zone" where it is needed the most. The loose liner design allows the contoured diaper to dry quickly when laundering. When using a snug fitting Velcro type diaper cover, pinning is not necessary. However, the wings of the Tiny Tush Contour have been designed long enough to pin if you so desire.

Tiny Tush Contoured cloth diapers share the same custom milled fabric as our popular fitted diapers. They are made from absorbent 100% cotton. For newer babies we recommend using 30 diapers and 10 covers per size (newborn and small).

  • Made in the USA, using 100% domestic fabric
  • 5 layers of absorbent material in the "Wetting Zone"
  • Loose liner design allows the contoured diaper to dry quickly when laundering.
  • A simple, adjustable design that lets you fold down or tuck the front of the diaper to adjust the rise
  • A diaper cover should be used with this cloth diaper.
Brand Name:
  • Tiny Tush