Tiny Tush Organic Cotton Doubler

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Tiny Tush Elite One-Size Pocket Diaper Stuffers

Foldable Doubler

Are looking for an easy, adjustable diaper doubler to increase the absorbency of your cloth diapers or for an option to make your own AI2 System? The Tiny Tush Diaper doubler is the solution you have been looking for. This absorbent diaper doublert is truly unique and was designed to be super absorbent, easy to launder and quick drying. It is just the right size to fold in a wide variety of configurations, meaning you can customize your own diaper. By folding in different directions, this absorbent diaper insert can be used for any size or type of cloth diapers. Simply create your own AI2 system using a Tiny Tush Diaper Insert inside of your favorite diaper cover. One of the beautiful features is how versatile this diaper insert is. Available in three sizes, small, medium and large. Size after washed and fully primed are small 9'x 11.5', medium 9.5' x 13.5', large 10.5 x15.5".

  • Fold diaper insert in a V shape and use as a newborn/ infant diaper,add another diaper insert in the center now it is absorbent enough for a toddler.
  • Can be used as a changing pad for on the go or at home
  • Use as an organic cotton burp cloth
  • Works well as a spill rag for quick clean up
  • Carry one in the diaper bag and you will be ready for just about anything life throws at you
  • Made in the USA

This absorbent insert is truly unique and was designed to be absorbent, easy to launder and quick drying.

Brand Name:
  • Tiny Tush