Wool Dryer Balls 3 Pack

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Tiny Tush Wool Dryer Balls Made In USA


Tiny Tush Wool Dryer Balls

Sold 3 To A Package


Decrease Drying Time...
Use  5 or 6 of our popular wool dryer balls to decrease the drying time of your laundry by up to 40%. Made of 100% wool, our dryer balls can also help reduce static cling while fluffing your clothes.*

How Do Dryer Balls Work?

While these dryer balls are in your dryer with your laundry they create pockets or spacing between the items you are drying as they tumble allowing your dryer to work more efficiently. They also absorb some of the moisture from your laundry to even reduce your laundry's drying time.

Dryer Ball Features

  • Easy to use

  • Approximately 10" in circumference

  • Made In USA

  • Made from 100% wool

* The amount of reduced drying time may vary depending upon the dryer, type of laundry and the amount of dryer balls used. Using wool dryer balls may help reduce static cling but will not totally eliminate it. Dryer balls may stick to Velcro type items.

Brand Name:
  • Tiny Tush