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Save Money...

Many customers find that purchasing cloth diapers and diaper covers on clearance is very economical and a great way to save money. We believe that you would love these products at prices that are discounted in many cases up to 25% or more off our regular price.

About Our Irregulars...

Tiny Tush products are always made with high quality and durable materials. Our PUL fabric  is never irregular. However from time to time we have products which are slightly irregular for different reasons and do not meet our high standards.  Our customers often comment that they can’t tell what is irregular on them. Some customers even say that our irregular quality is better than many other brands first quality products.

Clearance and Irregular Items Product Return

Our clearance items have a 10 day return period. Clearance items include 2nds, irregulars, and discontinued items. If you decide you do not want to keep the clearance items simply return them for store credit.  If your order was shipped with free shipping, the original shipping costs will be deducted from all returns processed for a store credit. Because we deeply discount items sold as 2nds, irregulars or clearance, Tiny Tush's normal warrantee does not apply.

There will be no returns allowed for clearance, 2nds, or irregulars after the 10 day return period. All return shipping costs of clearance items are the responsibility of the customer. For your own protection, please track your shipments and purchase insurance to cover the replacement cost of your items.  Please be sure the item is properly laundered  free of staining, as we will not accept unclean items or items laundered with bleach, fabric softeners or drier sheets

Clearance Cloth Diapers On Sale
Rectangular Diaper Doublers irregulars 10 pack
Diaper Doublers irregulars 10 pack


Crib Size Organic Cotton Blankets...."Sleep On A Cloud"
Organic Cotton Baby Blanket

$39.99   $19.97

Front Snap Pocket Diapers Made with a waterproof polyester knit to keep wetness inside, and an inner layer of soft and luxurious micro-fleece next to baby's skin to wick moisture away.
Sized Pocket Diapers

$14.95   $8.00

Tiny Tush Elite One-Size Fitted Pocket Diapers   Price includes 1 USA made diaper with 2 imported microfiber inserts
Tiny Tush Elite Original Pocket Diaper

$19.95   $13.00

Clearance Sale On Tiny Tush Trim One Size Cloth Diapers
Tiny Tush Trim 3.0 One Size Cloth Diaper

$16.99   $9.97

Perfect Fit Diaper Covers
Perfect Fit Diaper Covers Clearance & Irre...

$10.99   $5.00

Tiny Tush One Size Diaper Covers
Tiny Tush One Size Cloth Diaper Cover irr...

$15.99   $6.00