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Gives Back

Giving back

Need knows no boundaries.  We are committed to using our resources to make the largest positive impact for families in need locally and around the world.  Our goal is not to help someone one time and say, "I done good," but to help in a way that people can become more self-sustaining. Then, perhaps, they will go on to help others. This is the expanding effect of love, peace, and a sense of self-worth. 

It is important to us to be the people we want the rest of our sisters and brothers in the world to be.


Projects we have participated in since 2000

Building wells in Haiti. Water is needed for all life. In Haiti mothers walked hours, sometimes days, to get clean safe water for their children to drink. One well supplies a whole village with clean, safe water. The quality of life is improved as people shift their focus from survival to living life. We sponsored three wells.

Diapers for Haitian orphanage. We donated cloth diapers to Haiti Medical Mission of Wisconsin, Inc. for the orphanage near our sister parish in Haiti. The mission volunteers wrapped medicine that was in breakable containers with our diapers to help protect it on the long journey. The diapers were so useful we donated more.

Local food pantry. We donated proceeds from a special diaper raffle to the local food pantry.

Families in need. We randomly picked several families in need off the forum and sent them cloth diapers and diaper covers.

Military families. We donated to military and local families fallen on hard time.

Reusable bags for local children. We made and donated re-usable bags to our local school for child that did not have any.

Gloves for local children. We bought gloves for children in school that did not have any.

Clothing for local families. We made and donated zipper sweatshirts and clothing to our local Saint Vincent de Paul’s to help local families in our community.

More diapers for families in need. We donated cloth diapers for families who couldn’t afford to buy diapers for their babies during the "Fluffy Christmas" project.

"Charlene from Tiny Tush is a generous soul. When I emailed her about Fluffy Christmas, she sent one large box containing 12 One Size Tiny Tush Elites! Then, just a few days after receiving that box, she asked if she could send even more diapers! Soon, another large box came containing prefolds, covers, and wipes. Tons of them! She sent enough diapers to cover 3 families alone. I am so grateful to her for her generosity to Fluffy Christmas. She looks for opportunities to give back, and she was kind enough to work with me on picking the families to receive the diapers. It was a hard job because there were so many deserving families, and reading the stories was hard. It makes you appreciate your own good fortune."

From "Tiny Tush Elite One-size Review," Dirty Diaper Laundry.

We give what we have, and we have a lot of cloth diapers. We give nationally and internationally, but we pay especially close attention to needs in our own community.