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Pocket Diaper Stuffers

Cloth Pocket Diaper Inserts

  • Fits in any pocket diaper
  • Quick to fold
  • Foldable inserts wash more easily and dry more quickly
  • Choose microfiber or 100% cotton
  • Made in the USA


Quick to Fold 100% Cotton Pocket Diaper Inserts

We know a lot of parents look for natural fibers whenever they can, so we offer you a choice. Cotton inserts are the same rectangular shape as our new microfiber inserts, but we’ve made them two-play for extra absorbency. Tiny Tush 100% cotton inserts are 10” x 16.5”, which can be folded in thirds on the short side for newborns and infants and in half on the long side for crawlers and toddlers. Fits any size adjustment of the Tiny Tush Elite One-size Pocket Diaper.

Tiny Tushs Organic Cotton pocket diaper inserts are rectangular inserts are designed to give you all the absorbency your baby needs while still being easy to launder and quick to dry. Fold to fit in 2 seconds or less, and you save much more time and energy on your wash in comparison with the typical, long, 3-layer microfiber inserts.

Microfiber Diaper Inserts

Tiny Tush or Tweedle bugs layered micrfiber inserts are both easy to use and affordable.